Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new bedroom!

By Mummy

Kian's Room Makeover!

After a fair few months of mulling it over and falling over all of Kian's things, we decided we would revamp his room. 

Now before you get any high hopes, I am by no means a designer nor am I very patient with fiddly things... So if you pop round please don't look too closely at the handiwork, just take in the whole feel! 

I would like to add that I lost the battle with regards painting the inside of the closet in the same yellow as the book shelves... But I have the paint and Stud1 goes back to work soon.

I am proud to say that the whole revamp cost us less than $100 and a few choice swear words. Most of those swear words were from me as I used my torture sewing machine. 

But I bet you're yelling "Gosh darnit woman! Where the heck are the photos!??" 

Poor forlorn Froggy! Too many books, so little time!
Bench seat and bookshelf. Touch lamps to read by.
Personalised alphabet chart on right.

Nana's cross stitch above the nook.

 Still to do: Paint chest of drawers, sort out the curtains and the bookshelf needs help :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kian's Friend Snail's Tale of Woe

Written by Mummy, this morning I told Mummy and Daddy a very sad story... Mummy is going to write it for you.

My friend Snail has moved home. He has moved to live near Jenny. His Mummy and Daddy are having a new snail baby and he can't live with them. He is sick. He will live with Wayne, Graeme and Richard. Snail's doctor is Uncle Shae.

Snail's name is Eeookk. It's his new name. He has a bad cough. Everytime he coughs he goes left around the roundabout. His house is making him sick.

Poor Snail. I love him!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beach fun with Issy

 Taken on Mother's Day. I forgot all about them until I downloaded the ones from today.
I took this one of Mummy!

Wednesday June 1st, Petone, New Zealand. Me and Issy.

Playing together. We found these huge holes in the ground and Mummy put a plank over the top of them. We played lots of games around them.
 The weather turned nasty really quickly after our lunch...

But Mummy still let me have an icecream! I am very lucky!