Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Adventure of Jacket Man

Kia Ora Kotou
I am Jacket Man

Are you ready for the story of Jacket Man?

Jacket Man's address is 2.0 Jackson Street. He lives in a house. A kind of house that has got a very, very, very big office.

And he has a kitchen in the lounge. It has curtains so that he can close them and he does. He can do that whenever he wants to.

He has weapons. One of the weapons is a spider ring that shoots out web and on the web is SpiderMan. It can also shoot spiders. It's almost done now. He can shoot anywhere he wants too. He is a super hero.

He has a coat that has a pocket and in his pocket there is a Super Snail that has super powers, it can fly super fast.

He has a belt. It has a special pocket big enough for a nerf gun. He has a nerf gun too. 

He has a scar like Harry Potter. The scar has got a special power too. It can make him fly.

Jacket Man's coat can protect him when he's bicycling in the rain. He has two kinds of goggles. One for swimming and the other is for bicycling to keep the bugs out of his eyes and rain and wind.

He has adventures every sunny day. He goes on mountain adventures and beach adventures. Also on his adventures he has fun.

He makes jackets and jerseys. That's his secret identity work. 

He also helps Santa deliver presents when they least expect them... like Easter.

He fights against aliens and he likes to help the police because he has a super fast car and he likes to help them every day when there is an emergency.

His car is super fast because it has a super fast engine. It can fly just four metres at a time. And he likes to help by lifting planets. He can lift four at a time. 

There are many more things to tell you about Jacket Man, tune in for more soon.

Byebye Partner!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kian's turn...

Kia Ora Kauto

My name is Kian.

We're restarting my blog. So everyone be quiet please while I blog.

Please be advised blah blah blah.

Remember that this is a really special appointment so be really, really, really, really quiet. Ok guys?

Once upon a time I went with Mum to the library. Mum asked. I said we'd have to ask Daddy. Daddy is called Chris and my mum calls my dad Chris but I call him Daddy. So we drove in the car to the library. After the library Mummy whispered "Should we go to the swimming pool after the library."
I answered "Oh why yes that's a really good plan."
So we went to the swimming pool and at the swimming pool we had to learn first. We didn't forget all the things we needed like costumes, goggles and if you go swimming you have to wear all of that.
After the pool we went home and then we went and got something to eat and drink.

I hope everyone enjoyed my story. I have to go now.

Haere Ra