Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still can't load photos to blogger :(

Here is a link to Mummy's facebook album for the last few months. She will be putting a new one for Christmas on soon!

Facebook photos

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update to follow soon

In the next few weeks Mummy and Daddy will finally sit down and figure out why Mummy can't load any photos onto the blog or the picasa album.

They will also load some videos to make up for being so busy running around with me and trying to get their new projects off the ground.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Me and bees

I admit it. I am truly fascinated by them and that's why I spend hours watching them on the lavendar bushes.

Today I asked Mummy if it was ok to take a bottle outside and catch one. She said yes. I don't think she heard me right though. She came outside and seemed quite shocked to find me with a bottle in one hand and signing food to the bees. I was trying to convince them that the bark I'd put in the bottle was better food than the flowers.

They didn't seem to think so. Oh well - next time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mummy's first successful food day since I got the pox!

I wish she had thought to take photos.

We made cheese puffs for lunch. SO EASY even I could do it if she would let me grate cheese!

Makes 12 mini muffin size puffs.

1/2 cup cheese
1/2 cup flour
1t baking powder
salt and pepper to taste

milk to form a soft dough

Put teaspoon fulls in the WELL greased muffin pans and bake until golden and yummy

I had them for lunch with a boiled egg and a few slices of cheese.

For supper she made homemade pork patties, chow mein noodles, cucumber and tomato... Very very tasty!

Thanks for making great food today Mummy!

Me and Jefferson

This afternoon I sat Jefferson on a chair at my table and had a long discussion with him on how to draw a motorbike. He wasn't much help as he kept falling off the chair when I gave him the crayon to draw with. So after a few tries I gave up and sat on his head while I drew a motorbike. He thinks it's a great motorbike. So does Mummy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a boy!!

It made Daddy laugh and it made Mummy cry...

It was after my bath and Mummy and Daddy were trying to distract me while they were putting the ointment on my poxies. So they were asking me to show them my body parts, I'm really good at that. SO Daddy says "where is your penis?" so I pointed to it. Then he asked me "where is your bum?" That's when I squatted down with my hands on my knees and farted!! On purpose!!

Poor Mummy was horrified and Daddy and I thought it was VERY FUNNY!!

What a long weekend!

Grandma and Gramps came over from Sydney for a long weekend, so I decided to celebrate with a nasty bout of Chicken Pox. It was one of those ideas, like sliding down a wet slide 20 minutes from home, that sounds good in my head but is actually a BAD IDEA!

I got the pox EVERYWHERE - anywhere that could get a pox got one. But I did go to the airport to meet them. Although in retrospect I probably infected all the international travellers (hehe).

Once I got home I was in good spirits until it started itching. Luckily I had four adults to entertain me and keep my hands busy. I had to bath in pinetarsol to stop the itching - which makes the bath all yellow and smelly. Then Mummy and Daddy and Grandma (yes it took three people) covered me in pawpaw ointment, lovely sticky stuff.

Even though I was quite run down by the poxies, I hope I was lively enough to give Gramps and Grandma their money's worth. We went to Rivendell, the river and the play ground. I also showed them all my toys and my new smile pose.

I am now almost better and have been driving Mummy nuts with my constant asking if we can go to the airport to see "Ganma". I check their room every morning and say "no no" and "plane" when Mummy says they've gone home.

Oh Mummy says I must tell you all that I am using the window seats that Gramps and Daddy made to stand on the windowsill and look out the new open window and talk to the bees!

Gramps and Grandma will be back soon for Gramps' work!! YAY!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hiking is fun

especially when it's rained in the week and it's still muddy!

We went for a walk in Tunnel Gully on the way to the Mt Climie Firebreak.

Here are some photos of the view, me and some trees.

Sleeping in the car

From sleeping

From sleeping

Monday, September 7, 2009

My first visit to Playgroup

Mummy, Kate, James and I ventured out into the big boy world of playgroup today. It was a bit scary for us all at first. Mummy was nervous because it was a Montessori school and she wasn't sure if she would agree with the way things are done. But she really loved it.

I was a bit of a livewire as always at the start but when I found my feet I was really good and played with lots of things, I even painted a picture. There was so much to do and so many new rules to learn. But it helps that I am very clever and sharing.

James had fun too and we spent about 20 minutes washing the morning tea dishes. In a Montessori environment even little children are encouraged to help with chores and use real things not plastic. (Don't tell Mummy but I used a knife to spread marmite on my cracker)

It went so well we are going back next week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mummy will eventually get round to downloading the photos and videos she's taken recently and then I will be able to show you what I've been up to in the last few weeks.

It feels like we've done lots but not actually done anything to write about if you know what I mean?

I got another parcel from Nanna today, she knitted me two more jerseys. My favourite one has a tractor on it with farm animals! I will get Mummy to take a photo today so you can see it on.

I also like to wear the gloves she knitted but not a matching pair. I like the dark blue one with the red one and my cat hat on my head. I think I look quite cute and like to dance around the house wearing them!

My new word of the week is "digger" and my new sign is "rain".

Will get on Mummy's back about the photos and Daddy's about the videos!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today Kian sang

Just to up the cute factor - Kian now sings Twinkle Twinkle, not actual words but he has the tune almost right and even gets the actions in too.

Very cute and it brought a tear to my eye.

A very proud Mum

I am finally more verbal

BUT the parental units wish I wasn't!!

My new word is "No!" which is often sung at 5am or repeated from the back seat whenever we go anywhere. I also like to keep them on their toes by saying NO! even when I want whatever they are offering me. Then I cry because I can't say "Kidding" yet.

I also have very long chats with any one who comes in the house, imaginary, insect or not. It is really fun to talk now. Mummy says I have a lovely voice when I am not being a dragon.

If you want to hear me talk just phone me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mummy wonders...

if the dvd I present to her in the morning to entice her out of bed is actually my way of saying how the day is going to go... This morning it was "Panic Room" and "Queen of the Damned". There was a week where I had to have "Stigmata" in the car with me. I also keep hiding "Finding Nemo" in the bathroom. Daddy gets given "School of Rock" at least once a day.

So what do you think?

Tomorrow I might find an even better one... Suggestions?

Monday, August 10, 2009

What I've been doing

I have been quite busy exploring recently.

James and I went on a hike up a mountain last Monday. It involved a large amount of mud and gravel and climbing up hill. But I think it was fun, I wanted to keep going but Mummy and Kate wanted us to go eat our lunch in the park at the base of the mountain. I think James got altitude sickness. He thought we were on a slide and lay down and yelled "WHEEEEEEEEE!" while trying to slide down the mountain. Mummy and Kate thought it was funny so I guess he was ok. They usually react differently if things are bad.

After our hike we had lunch and picked up bark and branches to take home. Daddy recycled mine :(

I like going places with Kate and James - they have a huge car and it means that James and I can sit next to each other and chat or play games. Mummy says we are too cute!

On Tuesday we went to the museum in Wellington (Te Papa) Mummy wanted to go see the giant squid but I found out about a storytime so we went to that instead. It was fun but I think Mummy's right I am still too little to sit and listen to 3 books before we can go play. Then we met Daddy for lunch.

On Wednesday we went swimming. It was fun. We didn't get to swim in the big pool as they were having a lesson but I got to go in the baby pool and played in the fountains and bubbles. After that we met Laila and Marnie for lunch. I had sushi and ate all 5 pieces and then helped Mummy eat her naan bread.

On Thursday we joined Marnie, Laila and 300 other people for a buggy walk at Hikoikoi Reserve. It was very interesting. There were so many people and dogs to look at that I didn't mind having to sit in my buggy for so long. We also saw the sea and beach. At the start of the walk there was a big picnic area with coffee for the mums and snacks for us littlies. After the walk we had a picnic for lunch.

Friday we had coffee group at the local rugby field. What a great idea! There was more than enough space for us to run around and even a small playpark.

I really did a lot last week! No wonder Mummy was looking for a break on the weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walking a mile in Daddy's shoes

is more fun than he makes it look!

Baking Crunchies

Mummy and I baked crunchies... I didn't like them when they were cooked but the dough was yummy.

From Making Crunchies

From Making Crunchies

From Making Crunchies

My hair after I wore the bowl as a hat.

Playdate with James

A few weeks ago James came to play, while his Mum went to work. We had so much fun and spent ages outside watching planes and buses. We also built block towers.

Here are some photos of our playdate.

From Kian and James

From Kian and James

From Kian and James

From Kian and James

From Kian and James

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My first story

Today I was playing in the garden and having bare bum time. This is always fun as I like the feeling of the breeze on my "bits".

But while I was investigating a flower and a bee - I was tickled by a long piece of grass. I jumped up and ran to Mummy. She asked me what happened... I signed

bee - flower - bee - there (garden) - there (penis)

Mummy asked "what did the bee do?"

I answered: bee -raspberry sound- there (penis)

Mummy burst out laughing but I was telling the truth!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me and Jefferson Bear

I have recently adopted Daddy's bear and I like to carry him around with me in the late afternoon when I am at my most cuddly.

Mummy caught us on film today. So here we are in all our cuteness... Oh and he is wearing one of my onesies from when I was 3 months old.

My buddy James

James is my friend, he is nearly 17 months old now and can talk. He taught me to say "tractor". I like playing with him and we have fun when we are together. Our mums say we are going to be the gentle giants of coffee group and school as we are both tall.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Meeting an author

Today we went to a reading by Lynley Dodd, the author of one of my favourite books - Hairy Mclairy from Donaldson's Dairy.

It was at a bookstore and there were so many people we couldn't hear the reading. But I did get to choose 2 new books and got a sticker from the owner of the shop. Mummy then had the books signed by Lynley Dodd. It was very exciting.

Then we went to have lunch with Trinity and Gabriel. We ate fish and chips in their car while watching planes and surfers at the airport... if that doesn't make any sense, just come visit us and land at Wellington International Airport. (On a calm day!)

I really had a good time and had a long sleep in the car on the way home.

Will try to post some photos of my new big boy haircut in the week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daddy turned 31 on Friday 17 July.

I woke up extra early so that I could spend more time with Daddy before he left for work but I could've slept in as he took the day off to spend more time with me. Well that's what he said and then he and Mummy left me at home with my coffee group friends and their mums while they went to watch Harry Potter. I felt a little ripped off but then realised that everyone was there to play with me!

I only missed them a little bit and was surprised to hear they missed me more.

After coffee group we went out for lunch - I ate a bit of a burger and lots of chips and aoili.

I got Daddy some Sumatran coffee and a packet of nik naks for his present. Mummy got him a new wallet - I helped pick it out.

Next year maybe I can go with Daddy to the movies!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The week that was....

We had lots of rain and I could only go out if I wore my blue overalls... I think I look like an Oompaloompa!

But we did have one warm day which seemed to encourage Mummy to let me have barebum time... In winter! Wearing wellies and a hoodie... Crazy Mummy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kite surfing and Planes...

Hi there,

I thought I would write Kian's blog this evening as he is in bed 45 minutes early and so is his Daddy. It is so rare that I get some quiet time...

This afternoon we thought we should get out the house. It was one of those Sundays where getting out of your PJs seems pointless. So we headed into Wellington to see if we could see some planes take off at the airport.

We arrived in a freezing cold Lyall Bay - southerlies roaring, to see kite-surfers. Kian and Chris were so excited. Kian I think was more interested in the bright kites and Chris in the fact that the one guy jumped about 15m into the air. It frightens me to think that in the not so distant futrue my little Kian will be doing something similar.

After about 20 minutes of watching the kites, we heard a plane take off and that was it. Kian sat in his carseat signing "plane" and making plane noises followed by the sign for "where". So we drove to the side of the runway and got out the car, in order to see better. Dumb idea. I didn't have a hat or hoodie with me. Luckily both boys did as the wind was so cold I got earache that lasted a good hour after we left the airport. Kian loved watching the planes coming in and taking off. There was even an old WW2 plane that came in.

Once we were tired of freezing our butts off we drove to the more sheltered Oriental Bay so Kian could have a run on the promenade and get his fill of dogs and bikes and joggers... We bought gelato to celebrate the fact that it wasn't raining and we could see blue skies! Kian is a fan of gelato now too. Something I am sure we will live to regret!

Well I am now going to rot my brain with some mindless TV...

Have a great week and think of me.

Cyndi (Kian's Mum in case you didn't know :) )

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slides into pools and other adventures.

I have had lots of fun over the last few weeks.

When we go swimming, I meet up with two new friends, Cameron and Brendan, and their daddy Mark. So it makes swimming even more entertaining. Mummy, Mark and Rod have to watch FOUR little ones under 3! It is very amusing. We tried a different pool last week, which had a slide into the pool. Awesome! Mummy wouldn't go down the slide with me - but Mark did! It was really fun.

On the weekend I was spoiled rotten by Daddy - he bought me a huge wooden truck! It is amazing. It tips up and everything. I can even sit in the back. It is a bit too heavy for inside use but as it is raining I can as long as I am very careful.

Mummy got me a mostly waterproof overalls which is great as I can now play in the garden even if it has been raining. But I do think I look like I should be working at a butchery. I will post pictures as soon as Mummy takes one that looks good.

I have been learning some new signs and also say the word Yes and nod my head. It makes life easier for everyone. M&D are proud that I didn't learn no first - but it will come.

Lastly - Gramps and Grandma are in Sydney and I hope that means I will be able to chat to them soon and visit too! Mummy says it is weird that they are in the same hemisphere again.

My Uncle Wayne.

My uncle is the man on the left. He isn't really that tall but he is taller than my Daddy. I have been told he is lots of fun and I will get to see him in January. This is also one of the more normal photos I have seen of him. Not many boys have uncles who are paid to dress up and paint themselves gold! We are going to have lots of fun when we meet.

Photo taken from

Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Bike

Mummy found me a really awesome bike for a bargain price. It'll take a bit of growing before I can use it on my own but until then I can take all my friends for a ride.

Photos from the last month or so...

As you can see I get up to all sorts of mischief. I will try and actually write a proper entry tomorrow!

Some old photos - newly revealed :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some of my favourite websites

You may notice a trend or two...

any google image search for dog, tractor, cat or plane works too!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally found a few minutes:

Ok let's update you all on what I have been doing.

I can say: grandma, door, don't know, dinosaur, mama, dada, letters, tractor and (heli)copter, kitten.

I also roar when asked what a dragon/dinosaur or lion says. Mummy seems to think I might actually just blurt out a sentence soon as I often tell her long stories that she can almost understand.

I can sign:
  1. more/please
  2. finished
  3. dog
  4. cat
  5. bird
  6. duck
  7. milk
  8. eat/food
  9. plane
  10. tree
  11. helicopter
  12. that
  13. light
  14. rabbit (almost)
  15. clock
  16. music
  17. book
  18. lots
  19. fish
  20. switch
  21. broken
  22. hot
  23. fan
  24. on/off
We have been swimming again and it's still really fun and I now spend most of my bath time trying to get all the water out of the bath and onto the floor. I hope that Daddy will come to the pool with us sometime - it'll be so much more fun!

I enjoy building towers of blocks and can build them taller than me, with only a little help stabilising the structure. When it all falls over I say "Uh-oh!"

I have taken to handing books to all our visitors and sitting down for a story. I really love books and often choose to sit and read. Mummy hopes it will last as she says that way she will be able to keep up with me in at least one activity.

At coffee group yesterday I had lots of fun playing with my friends and only got into trouble once... Jumping onto a coffee table is not good!

I also have four molars coming and am quite a grumpy guts at the moment, but even while I am grumpy I still have everyone in fits of giggles.

Have a good weekend! We are going to the library and to a party and, if all goes well, the park! I love the park and the slide!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Days

Happy Birthday Gramps...

The odd message on your answer phone is from me!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

park photos :)

My first time on a flying fox!

My Gramps is so cool!

The law of puddles

If the puddle is filled with leaves, you will slip, land in it and that will be the end of your play in the park.

I had to come home in just my nappy and a blanket. So embarrassing.

Some things I have learnt

In no particular order...

  1. Spinning round and round is not conducive to walking, running or even standing straight
  2. Spinning round and round will make Daddy forget that I touched the laptop/computer or TV.
  3. It is not OK to put anything but clothes in the washing machine. Tupperware, credit cards and cell phones are not clothes!
  4. If you throw your sippy cup in the sea, you better hope you have a patient mummy and that the tide is going the right way.
  5. Crying does not help you get out of trouble
  6. Signing "plane" does not make them magically appear - unless you are actually near the airport.
  7. Mummy will forget she is cross with you if you raspberry her tummy or stick your finger in her belly button.
  8. DO NOT put banana down the back of Mummy's jeans. (I'm guessing this is universal though.)
  9. Running on the spot and squealing in front of another child is not as much fun for them as it is for me.
  10. Breathing with a snotty nose is easier if you wipe your nose on the clean laundry, couch, Daddy's shirt or all over your face.
  11. You can comb your hair with a fork. If you want lasting style rub egg, two minute noodles or mince through it first.
  12. Mince and chicken are not evil. Pumpkin soup is.
  13. I am too young to drink coffee and eat a whole chocolate biscuit. There is absolutely no point in asking.
  14. Wearing a shirt that says "Cutest baby in the world" will get commented on... Apparently I am in the Top 25. I'm guessing I have to compete with the Jolie-Pitt kids.
  15. There is no shirt that says "Mummy's WMD" or "I am what Bush was looking for!"
  16. Just because I can climb on the dining room table doesn't mean I should. Same goes for opening the front gate.
  17. It's harder for grownups to put a nappy on a moving target.
  18. It's harder for grownups to dress a moving target.
  19. It's harder for grownups to put Pumpkin Soup in a moving target.
  20. Geese are scary, ducks bite and Mummy is not averse to kicking either of them.
  21. Ducks will apparently learn not to grab the bread from my hand if Mummy smacks their beak and says NO!
  22. Girls like to be chased
  23. I don't.
  24. Throwing is harder than it looks.
  25. Throwing like a girl is easy.
  26. I get invited out to lunch and can choose to bring the parents.
  27. Sleep is for the weak.
  28. Music is cool
  29. Pretending to be shy gets you far in the world!
  30. So does being cute :)
  31. Wearing clothes is optional once you can take them off yourself.
  32. Mummies don't like having their shirts pulled down in the middle of the shops.
  33. The phrase "Oh My God" during a nappy change does not mean anything has fallen off. Checking it just means that you have to have your hands washed.
  34. Insomnia is best shared.
  35. Fits of giggles at 3am are not contagious.
  36. Cuddles can cure anything.
  37. I have 2 ears.
  38. Everyone I have met has 2 ears.
  39. Ears are great handles when riding on Daddy's shoulders.
  40. Life is more fun on the weekend
  41. Books are cool and if you break them in 3 you have 3 books!
  42. Every stone on the path has to be looked at closely and tasted. There is a chance that it may be edible.
  43. If you are given a cupboard of plastic things there is another cupboard full of glass things. Play with that instead if you want attention.
  44. Eggs break.
  45. Raw eggs does not taste like scrambled egg.
  46. Raw potatoes - very similar to #45
  47. Only talk on the phone when there is no one on it.
  48. Grown ups do not know where any of their or your bodyparts are. Nor for that matter do they know what noises any animal makes.
  49. Mummy's mixing bowls make great hats and drums.
  50. Putting your head between Daddy's legs when he is peeing is dangerous. Always use a mixing bowl for protection!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mummy cut her hair today, she sat in a chair and a strange man washed her hair. I thought it was a bit strange but it was even weirder when a lady came and used SCISSORS to cut Mummy's hair. Mummy didn't even flinch.

It looks really nice but it is so short her pony tail looks very funny now! I'll post a photo tomorrow, if Daddy will take one.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am teething again. I got 2 teeth in the last week and a bit but am now so grumpy and sore that I must be getting more. It is really hard to sleep when your mouth is sore so I have been trying to share my discomfort with everyone else. Only Mummy wakes up though... But I bet that on the weekend Daddy will be prodded and pushed out of bed to come and check on me.

It is worse at night when I can't be distracted by my toys or the computer. Luckily Mummy has two types of medicine that helps.

Well off to Laila's - we're both teething ratbags according to Mummy and Marnie so we will keep each other entertained while Marnie makes her special coffee!


On Monday Mummy let me help make muffins. I'm not sure why but after a few stirs I was unceremoniously dumped on the floor and told to go find a book. Maybe she forgot how to make them but even when I got the packet out of the bin for her she still needed a book. So I got her an egg and a gem squash from the pantry. Also not what she needed. Oh well, by the time they were in the oven I was helping her with the dishes and pouring water down on the floor so that we could clean it too. Mummy muttered a few words and has said that maybe we can bake again when she can find some nice metal cookie cutters. Sounds like it might be a long wait though.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A short update...

Well it could be said that I am keeping Mummy on her toes now that I can run and climb. She rarely gets a chance to sit down and have a coffee let alone write out my blog. I bet if this ever comes online she is doing it while she should be getting showered and dressed for the day's adventure. Which means we will probably be late...

Over the last few weeks I have been doing some new things. I go swimming every Thursday which is so much fun. We go in the deep pool first for a swim and then we go into the special baby pool which is perfect for me to run around in and chase the fountains and sprinklers. It also has a wonderful cafe which serves yummy fluffies!

I am also hoping to go back to Twinkle Toes which is a really fun singing and music group. Mummy and I had so much fun and they even gave me morning tea!

This past weekend I showed Daddy that while he has been at work I have learned to kick my ball really hard and not fall over as often. We went to a reserve near Sarah and Richard's house to play. Well Daddy, Richard and Sarah played more than me as there was a flying fox/zip line over the stream. Even Mummy had a go when we were busy throwing stones in the stream. After that I played on the playground and exhausted everyone!

I am getting better at throwing too, but I have to keep practising because I can't throw the tennis ball yet as it is too heavy.

Mummy bought me gumboots! They have dinosaurs on them and I love that I am allowed in puddles. It was a very strange sound when I first stepped in the puddle but after a few good stamps I decided it was worth the effort and played in all 5 on the path in the park.

It was Mother's Day yesterday and we took Mummy for breakfast. She had a lovely day and I gave her lots of cuddles and kisses.

Well I better let Mummy go to the loo before I wake up.

I will try and upload a selection of park photos this week!



Thursday, April 23, 2009


10th April - Daddy designing my birthday cupcakes...

Daddy used the leftover batter from my cake to make cupcakes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 April Birthday cake time

My birthday cake

From incoming

I wasn't too sure why I was allowed cake. Usually I just get to watch people eat cake.

Playing with Grandma

Answering the question "How old are you?"

I like to say "Cheers!" a lot. But mostly it sounds like "A-daah!)

Kisses for Grandma... Or "Let's see your tonsils?"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Birthday Party

We had my party at Mummy's old work (Team 10). It was a great place to have it. I was spoiled by all my friends.

Gabriel had fun on the trampoline.
Trinity, Isabelle and I had fun playing with toys.
Matiu was a little too little to have fun on the trampoline. But he had fun on the swing.

Jenny had a giant bubble wand, it was amazing!

Laila had fun in the ball pit.
yummy cake.

My cake was SO cool. Mummy made it herself. It looked like a tie dye shirt on the inside when it was cooked.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009