Saturday, February 28, 2009

My whining face

Apparently I am going to have to revoke Mummy's posting privileges...

Here is a sequence of me in full "MMMMMUUUUUMMMMUUUUMMMM" mode:

Friday, February 27, 2009

so much to do, so little time to blog...


We have been busy now that I am more mobile.

We go to the music group at the library, coffee group on Friday, visiting friends, walks around town, trips to Wellington and every now and then we go to coffee shops.

I like to crawl and walk everywhere so it takes a lot to keep me in the buggy. I can walk on my own but I still prefer to hold onto Mummy or Daddy's hand. I just want to be sure of the whole defying gravity thing before I let go of my safety net.

Grandma and Gramps are coming to visit soon. I can't wait.

Mummy will load photos soon and will also put on a video of me eating noodles!

My eating plan is going well and I have done another whole night but it's not a pattern yet. Gotta keep Mummy on her toes - when I slept through she made us go for a walk before 6 in the morning!!!

Well gotta go get the house ready for coffee group, Mummy is making baked potatoes and I better make sure she does them right!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Waving at Buses

I love waving at buses and usually I wave at the one that goes past our house. But today we went to the Botanical Gardens and I got to wave at 4! They were the big ones too. Lots of people on the buses waved back. It was really fun.

I had a good time at the cafe. Mummy let me have some more breakfst as I was still hungry and she didn't want to share her muffin. After our morning tea we went to look at the ducks but they were gone. So after some crawling at the Peace Flame and lots of pointing at the waterfall we walked back to the car.

Mummy says I should tell you that the walk that would have taken 5 minutes took about 40! It isn't my fault they painted these bright flowers on the pavement. I had to poke them with sticks and rub leaves on them. I also had to talk to all the people who didn't go on the buses - they were walking down to the waterfront. They were from the big cruise-ship we saw in the harbour.

When we got to the car I stop. I had to see what was through the big gates just in front of us. So I kept going. Mummy followed me as I crawled through the Settlers Cemetry. She said something about it being a bit morbid as I crawled over tombstones but I thought it was fun. They were angled perfectly and just the right height to pull myself up on so I could see over the other side. I met some new people too, they thought I was very cute sitting on the tombstone, eating a daisy.

Mummy says next time she will take the camera so she can prove how far I crawled.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new eating plan

Well I have been put on a diet.... Not because I am too fat but because I don't sleep enough!

Mummy has to make me food every 4 hours during the day and it seems to have worked well. I eat LOADS and only wake up once or twice a night which is an improvement! I used to wake up every 2 hours or so but after a week on this plan I have slept right through once and the most I have woken up is 3 times.

I think Mummy is finding it hard to think of foods to feed me but I am trying to be helpful by helping myself to the potatoes in the pantry and picking things up off the floor. Who would have known that shiny glitter stars are not food? It's not in the manual.

I like to eat noodles especially Udon noondles but I don't like anything with it. I LOVE cheesy eggs but only the way Mummy makes it - Daddy overcooks them but he has been watching Mummy make them. I like fishfingers, especially at Laila's house. Hashbrowns are good too as are Daddy's potato wedges.

If you have any advice for Mummy on what to feed me let her know ok?

Playing in Oscar's ball pit....

I really did enjoy it but got a fright when Oscar grabbed me from behind. I am hoping to get one like this for my birthday!

Oscar is the one holding my head and Ricky is eating the red ball.

Waitangi day weekend

We went into Wellington to go to the Waitangi celebrations. it was also Sevens weekend so mummy and daddy were very excited to see all the strange costumes.

We had just parked when I saw a campervan full of penguins, a group of French maids (I hope grandma doesn't wear that outfit!) and a whole bunch of strange batgirls! Everyone was really friendly and they all seemed to be drinking funny coloured cold drinks.

Mummy said maybe Daddy will take me to the 7s when I am older - MUCH older.

We met up with Richard and Sarah and had lunch at Te Papa - the best museum I have been too. Ok, the only one but Daddy says it's too far to go to the Natural History Museum in London. Before we had lunch though we went to see a concert at the marae in Te Papa. It was very good and I danced while the ladies were singing. I made lots of people smile. I also really wanted to greet a man with LONG hair but Mummy wasn't sure he'd want me pulling on his dreadlocks.

On Saturday we went to Petone to pick up some special aquifer (spelling??) water and vegetables for the week. Basically it was a boring day but Mummy made waffles for lunch. So it got slightly better.

On Sunday Daddy and I went to the park and I went on all the apparatus. I have perfected the slide, tunnels and even the swing bridge. It was so hot that we stayed inside most of the afternoon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

2nd Feb

Today I went to play with James. He is a friend of mine from coffee group. We had fun playing. He can say lots of words - car, dance, tap and a few others. I can't wait until my words sound real like his do.

I have been practising and Mummy now calls me Squealer, which is an improvement from Scrumplebutt! Don't ask!

My first steps...

Mummy really is slacking off on this blog!

I took my first real steps last Monday. I was standing in the passage and wanted to get to the kitchen. I think I forgot I was standing and moved my feet. I went forward - Mummy looked very proud but just said "Good boy"

Since then I haven't done it again but I am getting so much better at standing on my own. I still have to lean to stand up from sitting without pulling myself up... Mummy says it might take a while as she can't do it yet. And we all know how old she is!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mummy was playing Pirates!

Mummy bought me a bandana. The proceeds went to Canteen - the cancer charity. I think it looks good.

Playing in the kitchen

I am allowed to play with the mixing bowls. They make great drums but they also move nicely around the floor!

I also like to sing while I play. Mummy says it's a good thing I am cute...

Oranges are fun

I have learnt to take my nappy off... Which is all fine and well until it's snack time... Mum and Dad really don't like me to play with my food!

Finally I got it right and I love oranges! This was also the day I fell and banged my nose really hard. It hurt for a while but I didn't bruise.

My sailor suit!

From Gramps and Grandma...

Eating lunch in my buggy

One day, a few weeks ago, Mummy thought I would eat my lunch better outside. She was right - again!