Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing in the kitchen with Mummy's mixing bowls

A pin hole camera in my bedroom. The sun shines through my curtain and makes an image on the wall above my bookshelf.

I tasted pizza for the first time - This is my "I like it" face!
In my cot after a nap with all my bedtime toys and books.

Lastly here I am playing peekaboo with Mummy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kian Dancing - video

It turns out our little man likes a bit of drum 'n bass, techno!

Compromising Evidence:

- Dad

It's hard to tell who likes this song more, Kian or Daddy!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Sunday we stayed home and just relaxed.

Monday was a holiday and we went into Wellington so that Mummy could buy her birthday present. We went to Borders and had some food and a drink. I made a lady smile. I was in the highchair, reading my book on kittens and Mummy was reading her book. Apparently not many 9 month olds go to book shops to read. I must say that the cheese scone was so yummy that I would have been happy even if I didn't have my book.

Tuesday was fun, we went to visit Laila. It is always fun when we see Laila.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

17 January

Mummy abandoned me in Wellington!

Ok now that I have your attention... She did, she left me with Daddy and Richard and she went to the cinema with Sarah!

We had fun, went to get Daddy some new shorts and then had fun at Starbucks.

I was very good and super cute! Lots of people stopped to talk to me.

Finally we went back to find Mummy. She was very happy to see me and I gave her big cuddles and lots of kisses. I missed her but had fun with Daddy. She missed me too but really enjoyed having some time without me.

She says to tell you that Twilight the movie is almost as good as the book.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mummy's Birthday

Mummy was woken up bright and early. By me of course! But Daddy took me to the lounge and we did some fun boy things.

When Mummy finally woke up again we gave her the cards. Mine had my hand print in it. Mummy probably woke up when I was objecting to having my hand washed in the bathroom. Then Daddy got her coffee and breakfast. Not too sure why she was being spoiled, but Daddy stayed home to play with us.

We went to coffee group and Christine, Connor's mummy, made Mummy birthday cupcakes and everyone sang her a song while she blew out a candle! I played with Connor and his wagon. Daddy inspired his daddy to make one too!

After that Daddy took us to lunch and I had Chinese food for the first time. It was yummy but very messy.

When we got home I had a sleep while Mummy went to the grocery store. She bought things for a picnic. We drove into Wellington and got to have supper outside in the gardens with Richard and Sarah. We had so much food and it was all yummy. But best of all there was loud music and lots of people to watch and wave at. I even tried dancing. It will be easier when I can kick my feet without falling over.

I was very tired by the time the concert was over and I cried in the car but fell asleep by the time we were passing Petone. Mummy got me into bed with out waking me and I had a good night.

I must say I like picnics and concerts!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so far this week

Ok the highlight of coffee group was playing on the piano - It was so cool. I loved it and played what mummy called scales. I think I might be like Uncle Graeme and take up piano when I am older.

Saturday was very boring and we didn't do much of anythign other than groceries. I got to go around the market in my backpack which was interesting.

Sunday was crazy, Mummy had a party for her her birthday. Lots of her friends came so they could buy plastic boxes. It looked a bit dull so all of us guys went to the play park instead. We came back in time for the food. Mummy was spoilt though and she got lots of the boxes and even something for me.

Monday was hard as I was being grumpy and Mummy was tired. But luckily Laila and her family are back from their holiday, she was grumpy too so we went to them for a break. I was also weighed and measured at Pllunket -

10.28 kg/22.66lbs
74.5cm tall

I am doing well apparently and am in the 75% for my age. The nurse was also impressed by all the odd things I eat. Not sure what's odd about hummous and thai curry and naan bread. While I was there I helped rearrange the furniture. The feng shui was off!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Mummy and I are too tired after her birthday party to tell you about our weekend. Maybe Daddy will fill you in while we have a sleep!


Friday, January 9, 2009

This week...

has been quite busy, even if we only had one nice day =, weatherwise :)

On Monday and Tuesday we didn't do much. Just hung out at home really.

On Wednesday Connor came to play. It was such fun. I got to play wrestling games and chattted to him. He has more words than me. I am going to try to learn NO like him. It is very funny when he yells "NO!!" We met the neighbour's puppies. Mummy and Christine think they are more like drowned rats but they are Chihuahuas (impressed that I can spell that aren't you!!) I liked them a lot and sat and laughed at them and got licked by Holly and Yoda!

On Thursday Daddy worked from home. Mummy and I went to visit Esther and she gave me a cool scrapbook canvas with a dragon and castle on it for Christmas. It is going to look so good in my bedroom. Have I told you I like dragons? I have 5 now. I am hoping to get a mural painted one day so I can be a knight in a castle!

Thursday afternoon, we went to the sea again and this time Daddy and I went for a swim. It was awesome. Very different to a bath and the water tasted really weird. After our swim we had ice pops. I really enjoyed Mummy's and ate half of it. My tongue turned orange and so did my nappy later that night *Giggle*

We had supper in my paddling pool as it was SO hot yesterday. My bedroom was 33 degrees at 7pm. And that was with the fan on and windows open! I was hoping to sleep in just my nappy but after I took it off during my morning nap yesterday mummy won't let me sleep in just a nappy.

Today is coffee group and I can't wait to go play with my friends.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This morning Mummy learnt

that if I am sitting quietly while she is hanging the washing up , something is afoot.

She picked me up to take me back inside and I raspberried her with the mouthful of mud I was saving. All over the bath robe she had to wash yesterday because I smeared banana over her...

Today is going to be awesome :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pizza with Richard and Sarah

After a miserable morning of rain and tidying up, Daddy picked up Richard and Sarah.

She is looking much better after her accident and felt like she could put up with us AND eat pizza.

The grownups ate hells pizzas, I had to have what Richard called broccoli-gloop. It wasn't so bad but I must admit the pizza crust I was given to chew on tasted really good. But apparently Mummy ruined her pizza by putting capers and anchovies on it. Not sure what those are but Daddy's face when he ate a bite of it was hilarious!

It is always fun having them over... Richard always tickles my toes and asks why Mummy and Daddy didn't just get a cat!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Mummy's turn to say some things about me...

I have been convinced to let Mummy tell you somethings you might not know about me already. She likes to brag...

Dear Blogreader,

This is Kian's Mummy. He finally let me have a go at this blogging thing. I wanted to tell you some of the things he does that we love.

It is hard to know where to start, so we'll start at the beginning of the day. On a good morning Kian will play in his cot and talk to all his toys. If he is in a really good mood, he will put on his mobile music box and dance/bounce about his cot. On a not so good morning he yells until I fetch him and put him our bed. Then he plays with us and tries to tickle Chris.

During the day he loves to play. Some of the time he plays on his own. He loves making noises with various things. If anything could possibly make a noise, he will figure out how. He puts a metal bowl in front of his mouth and giggles into it so that he can hear how his voice changes. If we are outside he will shout louder so he can hear echoes. We have a electronic die that makes a noise when banged and I often hear him coming up the passage with it in his hand while crawling. He enjoys using us as a climbing frame and dives off us with no fear.

If we are outside he watches everything and turns to any new noise. He gets very excited when he sees cars and jumps up and down when he sees a bus!

He is very interested in books and will spend time just looking at the pictures which is very cute to see. If Chris and I are busy on the laptops or PC he wants to be part of it too and enjoys bashing his toy keyboard.

He can say Mamam and Daddad. His new favourite sound is "brrr" he says it all day long. He also grunts but they sound like questions and statements. He often sounds like R2D2 from Star Wars. He has just started pointing things out to us to identify which is lovely.

He is definitely a special little boy, he has a distinct personality and already seems older than he is.

I have been told that he will be a leader and bring change to the world. So far I think they may be right.

Love and light,


Thursday, January 1, 2009


I bought Mummy some bubbly things for Christmas - they tasted good.

The walker Daddy made me...

Before I walked like this I tried it like this....

It didn't quite work but it was fun. Can you see how Christmas exploded in our house?

Photo Time - finally!

An explosion of Christmas -
Our tree. The baubles had to be higher this year.

Mummy's new Christmas plate.

My Santa Bag

My pile of presents was even taller than me and I am 74cms tall!

From Gramps and Grandma - I love it!

My present from Richard and Sarah

From Mummy and Daddy

From Grandma and Gramps

From Santa.

Ok so there are loads of photos still to post so I will leave it here for now!

Nite nite,

PS: Comments are really well received!

1st January 2009

Today we went for lunch at Pam and Geoff's.

It was so much fun. Trinity and Gabriel have gotten very big and it was so much fun playing with a 3 year old and a nearly 6 year old! I was a bit shellshocked by all the attention and couldn't decide what to focus on first.

I was very good at lunch and ate loads. I tried not to spill too much on the floor but carrots are very tricky to eat. I am also still not quite used to my new front teeth - they are both out now. I find it hard to keep food in, if I can even get it in, in the first place.

Pamela gave me some icecream for pudding, it was cold but so good. Now I know why Daddy loves it so much.

I was really tired by 4 so we went home. It was sad to leave but I needed some sleep. It was really good though, I learnt so much from them. I spent the whole evening saying new sounds.

Can't wait to see them again in a few weeks time.


New year's Eve

Firstly, sorry that Mummy hasn't uploaded the photos yet... she has been absorbed in a book.

But anyway I digress... New Years Eve was great. I went to the biggest pool ever. They called it the SEA... I got my feet wet and everything.

I can't wait until we go back. It was so much fun. I didn't mind the sand at all and loved the salty tasting rocks.

I hope you all celebrated better than Mum and Dad... They stayed in and ate pizza. Apparently I am cramping their social life. As if that's possible. I am nothing if not friendly...

Oh Mummy finished her book here are some photos of my recent attempt at feeding myself egg...