Saturday, October 30, 2010

My big boy bedroom: Part 5 - the bed.

Well as I am not allowed to use the camera yet, there is no photographic proof that Mummy did indeed get bitten by the DIY bug and sanded down my bed base to get to the rimu (red pine) and re-varnished it with a clear varnish so the wood would stand out.

She is very proud that she could use the big sander without Daddy's help and that she now understands sandpaper grading.

Now the base is a not a standard size but is perfect for me until I am a lot bigger. It took Mummy a lot of phoning around to get a mattress to fit but she did it. She got one all the way from another town, it was cut to size and everything. (She is quite clever is my mummy)

Then we went shopping for bedding. I wanted Winnie the Pooh so that was tricky as the Pooh Bear duvet covers are very spendy and lots are very girlie and pink. But we found a perfect one which even has Little Roo on it!

Last night I slept in my bed and it is wonderful!

Thank you mummy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer is here at long last!

This means that I am out in the garden for most of the day. And I love it. I have mastered riding my 2 seater trike and take my toys for rides and even pack my lunch to go.

I also have a fascination with creatures. Real and not. It is so much fun to see Mummy run when I tell her I can see a dragon.

There are many picnics, beaches, parks and backyards ahead of us!

Bring on the sunscreen and my hat!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My big boy bedroom: Part 4 - The Art Rails

My Mummy follows a lot of blogs... And when she saw this

Art Rails

she had to make them!

So using Daddy's skills with a drill and some bright pegs from the $2 store, I now have a 2.4m art rail in my room right above the magnetic section of my wall.

It's going to be great. Mummy and Daddy have lots of plans for art displays. I love painting and drawing so I will let you know how well they work out!


My big boy bedroom: Part 3 - The Playroom

Well technically it's not a room... it's actually the entry hall but as we never use the front door Mummy and Daddy decided to use the space for something useful - not just a dumping ground.

They moved the shelves that used to hold my books into the passage and it now holds all of my puzzles, art and craft supply, playdough and other games. Above is another shelf with the things I can't use without a grown up like Mummy's laminator - did I mention that she's a teacher?

I also keep my little toys there and my easel and art smocks. It is a great place and looks like a school supply store. Soon Daddy says we will get rid of the ugly amber glass and it will be nice and bright.

Moving my things there also means that there is less mess in the lounge!

My big boy bedroom: Part 2 - the cupboard

Mummy and Daddy took the doors off my cupboard so that my chest of drawers could fit in them. So my clothes are in the drawers in the cupboard now. My teddies sleep on top of it now too. And Mummy has started using the hanging bar as a way to hang my lovely quilt from Nyamanyama and, eventually, the two that Mummy has planned.

She labelled all the drawers so that Daddy and I can find my clothes when Mummy isn't there to help.

I like it a lot as it means that I can now use my office chair at my desk - just like my Daddy!


My big boy bedroom: Part 1 - the shelves.

It all began a few months ago when Mummy decided I needed forward facing bookshelves, it must be a teacher thing...

So she went looking for them online and decided that, although she loved the ones she found online, she wouldn't pay $300 and up for them. That's about the time the local stationery and bookshop moved into the Mall. Mummy noticed that they had left a few magazine display racks in the old shop. She asked them if she could buy them and they let her have them for FREE!

Daddy helped get them home and we all joined in fixing them - even me!

We used both of them as I have a LOT of books.

Mummy and Daddy let me choose the colour to paint them and I chose a sunshine yellow (or Migraine Yellow as Mummy calls it). They look amazing and that's when Mummy got bitten by the DIY Makeover bug!

Just so that you know what they looked like before:


Well consider Mummy fired!

I can't believe I let Mummy get away with not updating all my followers in almost a YEAR. That is an awful lot of time when I am so little!

So I will endeavour to get the photos up and captioned to cover some of what has happened.

Here is a quick summary:
NyamaNyama and Gramps moved from France to Australia so we saw them quite often. Then they moved back to England and bought a flat (which Uncle Wayne is renting) and then they bought a house in France. They had a really busy year. We miss them loads.

Uncle Wayne and Aunty Ches came to visit us and toured New Zealand. It was great to meet them.

Uncle Graeme is still planning a visit... I hope to see him before I am taller than he is.


I still see my Coffee Group friends most weeks. We think it's because our Mums miss each other. But we are all good friends and talk about each other all the time. I enjoy playing with them and we have lots of fun. 

New Friends
Laila's Mummy had Milan in February. 

James' Mummy had Lewis in August

Isabelle's Mummy had Anna in September

Daniel's Mummy is having her baby in December

Connor's Mummy is having her baby in April 2011

And Mummy isn't buying the fact that I need a sibling too. She says all in good time but I think I'm wearing her down now. Especially since I have started referring to the snails in the garden as my best friends.

We also made friends with Jo and Karlie and their two boys Julius and little Noah. Julius has just turned two and Noah is nearly 4 months old.
Things I like to do:

Shall I put it in bullet form to make the long list easier to read?

  • run
  • jump
  • climb 
  • ride my bike
  • play with my friends
  • paint
  • bake yummy goodies
    • eat what I help bake
    • cook
    • read
    • play with playdough
    • make crafty things
    • build towers
    • break towers down
    • chase dragons
    • find creatures real or imaginary
    • play in the park
    • go to the zoo
    • draw
    • cut with my scissors
    • dress myself
    • help Daddy with the DIY
    • share
    • go to TwinkleToes (the local music group)
    • visit my friends
    • eat
    • do puzzles
    • watch Winnie the Pooh dvds
    • use my glue
    • go on grand expeditions
    • climb steep mountains
    • the beach
    Well I better get to bed. I am in my cot still but with one side off and next weekend Mummy and Daddy are going to let me use my big-boy bed for the first time. It is going to be awesome!

    Love you!