Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

Mummy and Daddy say I am so hard to look after... But they have no idea how hard it is to keep an eye on them!

I try my best but they just move so fast. I can't wait until I can run.

Monday was a bit boring really, Mummy and I stayed home. Daddy had some jobs to do and needed the car so we played at home. When Daddy got back, I was very happy to see him and had more fun playing chase.

Mummy got the pool filled early in the morning so it would be warm by 4 o'clock. It was lovely and warm like a bath- so warm that Mummy decided to get in with me. She did mutter something about it raining. But it only rained when i was in bed. So I think she was wrong.

Tuesday was an adventure!

I woke up from my nap and we got ready to go out. We drove to the station. ( we usually park there to go to the library.) Then we got into a train. Daddy held me so that I could see out the window. It was so exciting but also mesmerizing. I nearly fell asleep while watching the trees and buildings flash by. We got out at Waterloo, as we needed to go to a shop there.... But they were closed forever. And everything else was shut for the holidays!

After a lot of convincing we managed to get Mummy to agree to walk to the mall. Daddy bribed her with naan bread and tandoori chicken. IT WORKED!!

The mall was busy but we got some lunch and I even got a taste of Daddy's Madras and Mummy's chicken. It was good but not as good as my sandwich and fruit muesli. We went to look at a shop to see if they had the next book Mummy wants to read but they didn't.

I had a play in the baby room and then we walked back to the station. I fell asleep and woke up just in time for the train.

It was such fun! I can't wait to go on the train again.

Later on Mummy went to have a nap and when she woke up Christmas had disappeared from the house! It was my fault... She was very sad, but at least she knows I can climb up and over things now. Daddy watched me climb on top of the shelf that was protecting the tree from me and I picked the baubles off the tree. So he tree had to come down.

Sorry Mummy!

I will post lots of pictures later today!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today we bought a baby carrier so that Daddy and I can go for walks, in places we can't take my buggy. It is very comfortable and I love being so tall. Mummy got something at the same place and because of the specials on it cost her minus $5! She was very happy.

We had lunch at a park and I fed myself two slices of bread with peanut butter and a few sips of water. It was fun to watch the bigger children playing. I also saw seagulls. They weren't scared of the people at all.

When we got home Mummy and Daddy unpacked my swimming pool. It is big enough to fit us all in. But then we can't really do anything else. So after my nap, Daddy and I had a swim. Ok it was more of a paddle as it wasn't full enough. It was so much fun. I got to play with my other toys from Mummy and Daddy - the spinning water toy.

I struggled to go to sleep tonight as my room is 30 degrees! Can't wait for cooler evenings, but then I have to wear pj's... So I might just learn to live with the heat.

Or we could send some to Uncle Graeme and Uncle Wayne as we haven't sent their Christmas presents yet....


I woke up all excited to see what it was that Daddy had built me. It was a wagon... I can push it around which is even more fun than crawling. It took a bit of getting used to but I am really good now. Daddy is going to paint it red. I am so proud of it.

We had to go into town this morning to swap Mummy's present as it wasn't the right size. It was more fun than usual as all the people were happy to see me and wanted to talk to me.

I even got to have lunch at the bookshop as Mummy had packed me a sandwich. mmmm marmite and cheese.

This afternoon was quiet and we played indoors as the weather wasn't that nice.

Boxing Day

Daddy got some wood at the hardware store today and started to build me something. I am not sure what it will be but is has wheels and Mummy insists that it must be slow. I am intrigued.

I was allowed to sit in the garage with Daddy while he was sawing and hammering until I climbed out of my excersaucer. I am not sure how I did it but I am getting really good at climbing. I can almost get onto the couch on my own. I just have to push a pillow or toy close enough to use it as leverage.

(But it wasn't finished in time for me to find out what it was... It will be ready for me tomorrow.)

Mummy made a ham and salad for supper. I love ham, it is very tasty and easy to chew on. Did I mention that I got my top front tooth for Christmas. The other one is nearly out too. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


...Daddy grabbed me out of my cot and dragged Mummy out of bed too. But Mummy said she needed coffee first. So Daddy and I made coffee and mince pies.

Then we ran to the lounge and opened my Santa presents. He left some good things. Jelly, maracas, books, socks and chocolate coins. Daddy said those are actually for him. He might give me a tiny taste if I am a very good boy.

When Mummy was more awake we opened the tree presents. Mummy and Daddy spoiled me a little. But Grandma and Gramps spoiled me a LOT!

I got all sorts of very cool things. Mummy and Daddy think the highlights are:
  • Musical instruments but mine have cars on them. From G&G
  • A paddling pool from M&D
  • Wooden car from M&D
  • Books, especially the one about the Pukeko from Sarah and Richard
I think the highlights are the boxes actually. I played with them more than my toys. But I do think I will play with them more now that the rubbish is in the bin.

Mummy and Daddy were spoilt too. I got Daddy a book and some very spicy sauces from Mexico. I got Mummy some yummy smelly things for the bath. Daddy got Mummy a cuddly robe and he got a special book from Mummy.

For lunch we went to Matiu's house and had a really tasty lunch. I even got to taste Beer-Bum Chicken and had steak too. I really liked those tastes and the olives were interesting too. But I didn't eat much as I was trying to keep an eye on Prue, the cat. She was so much more interesting than the food.

I tried really hard to settle down for a nap but it was all so exciting, I couldn't. So we had to do a secret Santa early and we went home early. Daddy was gutted as it meant he didn't get pudding.

We got home and all had a short nap and played with our toys. Mummy got carried away and tried to finish the book Richard and Sarah gave her in one day. She loves it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today we had to go into town to get somethings, Mummy had to drive around the parking lot twice to get a parking spot. In Upper Hutt that is a HUGE deal. But we managed to get in and out within 20 minutes. Mummy powershopped :)

I fell asleep in the car and woke up at home. I had snack and a crawl around and then it was back in the car. Apparently one shopping trip wasn't enough. I had to help Daddy choose presents for Mummy.

We met Daddy at his work and we went for a walk around Wellington. It was so busy, I was so glad to be in my Buggy. Crazy shoppers. We had a quick lunch and then Daddy and I left Mummy all alone. I was a bit worried that she would get lost as she had my toys in her bag. But when we got back she was right where we had left her and she didn't even try to peek at the presents we had bought.

I went to bed early and had an ok night. When I woke up at 6....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 more sleeps to Santa...

Not sure yet what this means but Mummy and Daddy are excited about it.

There are all these pretty boxes under the tree - but I can't reach them as there is a bookshelf in the way. I also have a santa sack... Mummy says I can have a stocking next year. She wants it to be special and is looking to buy a really good one on the sales in January.

Today we stayed home ALL day. But we had a picnic in the garden for morning tea and had visitors. A dollar for anyone who can guess who it was...

This afternoon Mummy and I played lots of games and had lots of giggles. I had a yummy supper of courgette, broccoli, mushrooms, kumara and braised steak. For pudding Mummy made me a banana popsicle. So good.

I didn't really want my bath so I climbed out halfway through it and played with Daddy in the bathroom.

I am now fast asleep in my cot surrounded by toys and books. I think Mummy is hoping that I will entertain myself if I wake up early. I did yesterday, but it depends on my moods really.


Monday Afternoon

It was so hot that Mummy took me to the pool! I had a great time. We met Laila there and she brought a whole lot of friends with her. They were all big kids and looked after us while Mummy and Marnie watched. I had so much fun chasing them around and they were really good fun. I hope I can see them again soon, they were much more fun in the water than Mummy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My two words...

I have been reminded by reading my friend Laila's blog to tell you that I have two words... Mummum and Dadda. I use them lots and love watching them come running when I say their name. I also say lots of other words but I can't be pronouncing them correctly as no one seems to understand me. I'll keep practising.

Laila can say "sss dat" and points at things, I can't wait until I can do that. At the moment I sort of grunt and look at things but mostly Mummy tells me the name of the wrong thing. But I guess Laila is older than me so I will get there. She is a clever 10 month old.

Today we went to Petone and went to lots of shops. I was an angel and smiled at everyone. Especially in the cafe where Mummy let me crawl around. I waved at the waitresses and all the people in the cafe. Then I sat beautifully on my blanket and ate a biscuit and drank my water before we went home. It was beautiful at the beach but Mummy wants to share my first trip to the beach with Daddy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Sunday

Today Mummy and I stayed home while Daddy did some errands and took some supplies to Sarah and Richard.

Before he left Mummy baked cookies for us and some as presents for the neighbours. She made her triple choc mint ones. YUMMY! I was only allowed a really little taste but I hope she makes more when I can eat a whole one.

Daddy took the waffle maker, some waffle mix and some other things to Sarah, she has to eat soft food. I offered my food but apparently she wouldn't like it. I'm beginning to wonder what's wrong with it... Daddy won't taste it either.

When Daddy got home we had lunch and I didn't want my food so I had a piece of toast and cheese. After my nap we went out in the drizzle for a walk. When we got to the park, it had stopped raining so Mummy wiped down the slide and I showed Daddy how clever I am. He was impressed.

Gramps and Grandma

I am sorry you haven't been able to read my blog the last few mornings. I hope that I have caught you up on all my exciting adventures.

Saturday shopping trip

We got up really early and went into Lower Hutt so we could beat the crowds. We got there so early none of the shops were open. Silly us!

But eventually Mummy and I could go looking for some more presents and Daddy went to the market to buy fruit and vegetables. When he came back, I got to sit on his shoulders and we walked around the mall again. All the old ladies looked at us and said we were cute! I know I am cute and Daddy says I am just like him so he is cute too. Mummy says I am cuter though.

We only bought one thing and then went to Upper Hutt, I thought we were going home but we had to go to more shops. It was raining really hard and they put Daddy's rain jacket over me so I wouldn't get wet. I had to pull it off so I could see what was happening. After lots of discussing it my Christmas present was bought. I don't know what I am going to do with a box that is too small to climb into though.

On the way back to the car Mummy stepped into a huge puddle. She got her feet and skirt very wet! It was very funny!

Saturday afternoon we stayed home and played. The weather still isn't very nice. I hope it clears up soon, I haven't been able to show Daddy I can slide yet...

Maybe tomorrow will be sunny.

Mummy and Daddy went out....

... again, without me! I mean, seriously, what did I do this week?? At least they left me at home and I knew where I was but still! Just rude...

Friday started out so well though, we dashed into town to go to the butcher so we could get some steak on special. Then I had a nap and when I woke up Laila and Marnie arrived and we had lunch together. Laila shared her kumara chips with me and I shared my strawberries. I think Laila really wanted my cheese but she is allergic to milk so can't have any. We had lots of fun and Mummy and Marnie had a good chat too.

After my afternoon nap we went to the last coffee group before Christmas. It was good to see everyone and we had fun playing on James' bike. It is very cool and I felt so clever riding on it while Mummy pushed it. James can aslo say the word "car". Isn't he clever?

When we got home Mummy made my supper but wouldn't give it to me. Then there was knock on the door and it was Jenny and Kate. I was so happy to see them until Mummy came back into the room with a new outfit on. I knew something was up...

But my Mummy is nothing if not sneaky, she put me in my highchair and Kate started giving me my supper as mummy waved bye. I waved back, I was too busy eating my cheesy chicken and brocolli pasta to think clearly. But when I heard the back door close I knew exactly what had happened. But I thought I would give her a chance to realise that she had forgotten me. When she didn't come back I started to cry. Jenny took me out of my highchair and let me crawl around. I crawled to the door and knelt up banging on it and shouted, "Mum MUM!" but she didn't come back.

I calmed down in the buggy and even fell asleep. Jenny and Kate are really good babysitters. Mummy and Daddy were late home - see below... And they didn't mind and even got me into bed.

Mummy and Daddy had a nice dinner at the Solnet Grownup Party. But our friend, Sarah, had been in an accident that afternoon so Mummy and Daddy went to see her and Richard at the hospital. They took food from the party so Richard could have something to eat. And just made sure that Sarah's things were safe while she was in Xray etc. Then on the way home the police were breath testing on the highway! So it took an extra 30 minutes to get home.

Sarah went home on Saturday but is quite poorly as she has some broken bones... Not too sure what this means but I know she needs the waffle maker to make her feel better. Daddy is going to take it to her with some jelly and instant pudding and of course the Christmas presents.

Feel better soon Sarah, I will miss you when we have our Sunday Brunch!

Thursday 18th

Well as a busy little man, I forgot to tell you about the other 2 things I have learnt to do...

I can play catch. Daddy throws a tennis ball into my lap and then I pick it up and throw it back... Technically I guess it isn't catch as much as throw and throw but it is fun.

Now the other game I play makes me wonder just how intelligent grownups really are... It's called peek-a-boo. It works on the principal that I disappear if I hold something infront of my face. Not in front of all of me just my face... Then they say "Where's he?" I drop whatever I am holding to see if they have turned round or suddenly gone blind and they squeal "There's he!" I have even tested this using the net curtain and I know they can see me and yet.... "Where's he!?!?"

Thursday was wet so we couldn't do much but when it cleared in the afternoon mummy took me to the swings and I went down the slide on my own again. I think I might just be very clever.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Well it finally happened, I got too busy to blog! So lets play catch up...

Tuesday -

Mummy and I went Christmas shopping in Lower Hutt, not my favourite activity and I let her know all about it. But I did get Daddy a present and if all goes well I will get the other bits and pieces for him on Thursday. Is it ok to buy him things I like? I hope so...

The only fun part was when we stopped for a coffee and a sandwich. I found a playmate in the coffee shop. He copied me exactly and we kept giving each other kisses... I love mirrors!

The rest of Tuesday was boring as it was raining and Mummy and I had to stay inside. I did make a run for it when we were watching the rain with the ranch slider open... Mummy caught me before I got to the wet grass. She muttered something about "Cold, wet and yucky", when will she learn that I am a boy and to me, those are great words!

Wednesday -

We were going to have a quiet day at home until Mummy got a text from her work friends to say that they were going for a coffee with all the kids. Luckily we were dressed and ready to go out. It was really fun to se everyone and I even managed to get hold of a chip but as it was from the floor, Jenny said I couldn't have it. Mummy let me have a Marie biscuit instead.

After morning tea, we went off to get my Santa photo. It is quite good, not as good as Daddy's photos but I will get someone to scan it so you can all see it too.

It stopped raining yesterday afternoon so we went to the park for a swing and a slide. It was so much fun!

Now, I need to take a moment to brag, I have learnt to do 3 things this week.

  • clap
  • go down a slide by myself
  • feed myself finger food
I love clapping especially when I have finger food in my hands... Scrambled eggs are very fun to clap in. The slide sounds more scary than it is, Mummy only lets me go on the little one so she can reach me at all times, but it is still very cool! I am also trying to learn how to make the swing move without Mummy pushing it, it's still a bit hard. I wiggle back and forth and it moves a bit but not as much as I want. Mummy said my legs need to be a little stronger, I don't think she has ever been on a swing, 'cos you sit on it you don't stand on it! Silly Mummy!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mummy and Daddy's Anniversary

Yesterday I went to see Anna, my osteo, it went really well and I enjoyed the session. I get to go back in the New Year to see her again. I love going there as she has a toy duck that quacks at me and gives me kisses.

All in all it was a boring kind of day as it was raining so we couldn't go out much.

In the afternoon, Mummy tried to get me to have a nap but I was too grizzly and so she gave up. We played games and read stories instead. At suppertime I wasn't that interested in my food. So I got put in the bath, and fed there. I ate loads of my pasta and sauce. And as a bonus got lots over daddy too.

After my bath I was dressed in clothes that are different to my jammies. Mummy and Daddy were wearing smart clothes too. I knew something was up when I saw my kinderkot and bunny going in the car. But I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt when we pulled up at Marnie and Mark's house.

We went inside and Laila squealed at me. I started to cry. Who wouldn't when a girls squeals at you and you are in pixie pants?? Mummy gave me a cuddle and then said "Love you Kian, be good and we will see you later." And Daddy said the same thing.


When it became apparent that they weren't joking I started to cry and crawl around looking for them. Eventually Mark took me for a walk in Laila's buggy and I settled down. I played for a while and finally I heard Mummy's voice. I hurried to the door to see her and started to cry again. You can't let them think you were ok without them! I gave her and Daddy lots of kisses and cuddles.

But my present was even better than my cuddles- I slept from 9:45 to 5am . Mummy couldn't believe it.

I am going to try it again tonight.

Happy anniversary Mummy and Daddy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Solnet Kids' Party.

Daddy's work had a party for all the children at the zoo today. We got there a little late as there was traffic, not that I noticed as I was catching some much needed cuteness-sleep.

It worked. I got there and made friends with everyone. After eating some sandwiches and a cherry, there was a commotion. A man in red arrived and all the bigger children got really excited. Mummy and I sat close to the edge of the group, in case I got too excited.

This man, I think they called him Santa, started handing out colourful boxes to all the children. They didn't want to play with the paper though, they were after the things inside. Weird. When I heard my name, I had Mummy take me up to get my colourful box.

Someone was saying I should look at the camera, but Santa had on this strange white bush. It kinda moved when he talked but I don't think it was alive. I tried to get closer to it, but Mummy distracted me with my box. It made a noise!

When I opened it there were these musical blocks inside. I am going to have so much fun shaking them and they have chewy bits too! Santa is a genius, I love music and chewing!

And then we went out into the zoo. We saw a pelican, which is nothing like my bath toy! We saw lemurs. They can hang upside down without their Daddy holding them by the feet! I wonder when I will learn to do that...

After the lemurs, we saw the meerkats! They're my Nana's favourite animal! They're small and furry, and play in the sand. I wanted one, but Mummy said no! Maybe Santa can get one for me.

We walked past the cheetahs and one miaowed while we were waving at it! But they didn't really move much. Nor did the chimpanzees. I think it was their afternoon nap time!

It was so hot that Mummy and Daddy stopped for ice-cream, and Mummy let me have a lick of hers! Mmmmmm... chocolate!

It was really busy day and lots of fun!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Swings and pools!

We had a great day today.

Daddy and I went for walk after breakfast this morning so Mummy could have a lie in. She met us at the park later and we had a little wander around. I tried to catch the leaves as Daddy carried me on his shoulders. I wasn't allowed to eat any as Mummy and Daddy couldn't tell if they were poisonous or not. I don;t know what that means but it sounds like it could be fun.

We got home and I went for a nap while Mummy and Daddy had a coffee. Apparently they were tired too, but needed coffee more than a nap. They drink something called Jolt and keep telling me it's 4 scoops per pot. I think they want me to make them coffee one day soon.

When I woke up we went into town and I had a photo taken with Santa. I was a super smiley boy and didn't even think to be scared of Santa. Some of my other friends cried when they met him. I didn't even really notice him as there was a pretty lady taking the photo.

We went home soon after as we all needed lunch. Town was SO busy today. We could hardly find parking and the shops were packed. Mummy was muttering something about doing the shopping online.

I had a huge lunch today. I ate a whole sandwich with marmite, a slice of cheese and 3 raisins. I also had a foot of a gingerbread man, it was mmmmm good!

After lunch Daddy and I had an afternoon nap, while Mummy went to the grocery store. Then we went to the park for a swing. I had fun on the swing but an even better time on the slide! I loved it and when Daddy took too long to let me down I threw myself down it. We will get some pictures taken next weekend and you can see me sliding down the slide.

As if that wasn't enough fun, I went in the paddling pool too! The park has a toddler outdoor pool and it was warm enough for me to go for a paddle! Daddy helped me walk all the way across the pool and I tried to crawl across it but stopped when I got a mouthful of water. I have got to learn to walk then I can go in all on my own with no help and Daddy can keep his jeans dry.

It was such a lovely afternoon that I hardly ate any supper so I might not have a good night. Which would be awful as tomorrow is the Christmas Party at Daddy's work. We are going to the zoo... Mummy says she may just leave me there :).

Photos of our Jelly Fun

First they brought out the tarp, and that was fun to crawl on!And then the jelly came out! But we weren't quite sure what to make of it...
It didn't take long to find out it was fun to squeeze and slap and eat!

We all got really stuck into it!

But Laila really loved it:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jelly Babies!

Well today was just perfect!

I woke up after my nap and Daddy was still at home. He says he is ill but I know he just stayed home to play with me. Hopefully he will be ill more often.

Coffee group was AWESOME! We played lots and had a good time. Then Mummy said "Jelly?". Next thing we knew we were all in just our nappies. Oh, Connor and I were wearing a T shirt but I took mine off later. We went outside and there was a tarp on the grass. It was a very cool thing to crawl on but then a big platter of jelly was put in the middle of it.

It felt really weird and was sticky and so much fun to play with. I ended up lying in it and got covered in it. Laila ended up eating it while sitting in the middle of it all. It was so much fun. Afterwards we were had a bath outside. It was just the best time ever.

I hope next week is as much fun - there were murmurs of something called flurry, gloop and, of course, more jelly!!

I will put a photo online as soon as I can get one off Laila.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love swings...

This afternoon we went to the swings again and met Laila and Marnie. Laila and I are beginning to think our Mums' want us to become friends. I can't wait for Laila to start crawling. It will be fun to be in the park if someone can help me chase the birds. I tried really hard to get one this afternoon but they kept flying away.

The swings were fun and afterwards we sat on a picnic rug and Laila shared her biscuits with me. I let her have my water. Next time Mummy said she will bring more biscuits for us kids and some coffee for her and Marnie.

After the park we fetched Daddy at the station. We got home and he fed me and then we had a bath and I went to bed.

Fingers crossed it's a good night.

Tomorrow is coffee group... Mummy is making jelly,something was said about messy play... can't wait to see what happens.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Music Group of the year. - I AM 8 MONTHS TODAY!

What a sad day, today was the last day until next February that we could go to music. I decided to be well rested so that I could really enjoy it and we were nearly late because I woke up at 10 and was still in my jammies. Luckily Mummy had everything ready so I just had to have a bum clean and my shorts and t shirt put on. It was hot so I didn't bother with socks.

When we got there I sat with Mummy for a while until Alison came out with Pooh Bear and her books. I decided that I should show all the other babies how to behave. I sat right in the middle of the Circle right in front of Alison. was chewing on a puzzle piece and I didn't move until the last song. I really liked sitting there as it felt like all the mummies and babies were singing to me!

Kelly even said I was just being a show off and she could just picture me in kindy - sitting beautifully on the mat.

After the stories and singing we were given the instruments. I stole Isabelle's but she stole it back! And then we turned it into a game! After a little while I went to see why Mummy was cuddling Laila. It was a trap! Marnie scooped me up and I got cuddled too! After a while Laila and I both got put back down and I gave her a cuddle and a little kiss!

When we got home Mummy made me Cheesy Scrambled Eggs for lunch. I ate lots of it but I dropped most of the toast on the floor. It is my second favourite lunch food! My favourite is Lambs Fry out of a tin.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrible Tuesday

Well after last night you would think I would be exhausted... But I am not.
I had to be convinced for an hour to go back to sleep when it was my nap time. It got so bad Mummy made brownies to cheer herself up.

This afternoon we are looking after Laila so Marnie can go do some Christmas shopping on her own. I can't wait!

Later on Tuesday:

Marnie came over and instead of leaving Laila here, she convinced Mummy to go out for a coffee. While Mummy got out of her trackie bums and into something decent and not covered in snot, I showed Marnie that I can share. I gave Laila my favourite toy. And she enjoyed playing with it too.

At the coffee shop I sat and watched all the baristas, they had antlers on their heads! Not sure why, but it might have something to do with the guy in red... And those weird songs Mummy has been listening to during the day.

Mummy also saw a T-shirt she is going to get me. It says "Who needs Santa when you have a Grandma".

Manic Monday

My teeth really hurt. I have been grizzly all day and I think Mummy is almost ready to post me to France or South Africa, whichever is cheaper.

After lots of Pamol and Bonjela I settled long enough for Mummy to have lunch. But I got grumpier again after my nap so we went to the swings. We met up with Marnie and Laila so it was a good break for both of us.

When we got home I had a bowl of lentil stew, a whole banana and a serving of yoghurt. After supper I had a bath but I wasn't feeling right and ended up throwing up all my supper. Mostly over myself but also over Daddy. After I vomited I felt better but my temperature was up at 38.6 so Mummy kept a close eye on me.

I didn't think she was doing a good enough job so I woke up every few minutes from midnight to 4. Mummy then got me to sleep by looking at the Christmas tree lights. I let her have a lie in until nearly seven.

Matiu's Christening

On Sunday it was Matiu's Christening. It was decided that I couldn't be trusted in a church so we only went to the afterparty. All the fun and none of the effort of keeping quiet.

It was a fun time and good to see everyone again. Although I must admit I am not used to not being the star of the show.

On another note my next tooth is driving me crazy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Scones

What a great day. I had visitors, Richard and Sarah, came to see me and they brought Richard's Mum and her friend to come see me too! I am quite the charmer and had everyone playing with me. I love meeting new people and if they like playing games with me, it's even better.

I haven't seen Sarah in ages so it was great to show her how well I can crawl and how cheeky I am now that I can get into everything.

We had planned to go to the Santa Parade but as it was hot and a lovely day, it was decided that we would go have afternoon tea somewhere. Mummy had a great idea to go to Stonestead Devonshire Teas and Quilt place in Plateau. It was great. We got there and we all got to choose our scones and then the man makes them from scratch! He doesn't even use a packet mix like Mummy sometimes does... (shh don't tell her I told you)

While we waited for them to bake we went for a walk around the gardens. Daddy, Richard and I went to the creek and saw red dragonflies. After 15 minutes our teas were ready. The grownups had scones and tea, I had marie biscuits and water. I think I might have gotten the worse deal. Daddy let me taste his scone and his blackberry jam. I'm not too sure about scones but jam is good!

After tea we went to the duck pond to see if we could see pukekos. We saw one and lots of ducks and big scary geese. Daddy and Richard walked me home while the others drove home.

I think it was a lovely afternoon and Maureen said she was going to put it in her diary. A diary is like a blog but you actually have to use a pen. A pen is the thing that when you chew on it you get a blue tongue - or so daddy says.

I won't get to see Gladys and Maureen again as they go back to England on Monday. But I will get to see Richard and Sarah before Christmas.

Bon Voyage Gladys and Maureen!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Coffee Group

I woke up full of beans, which is kinda strange as all I had for supper was pumpkin, kumara, cauliflower and steak. But anyway I was all chatty and bouncy, so Mummy said we could go to coffee group.

It was fun I had fun playing with everyone and trying to climb the Xmas Tree. I attempted it a few times but was caught each time. The mums are very fast :)

A lady who knows A LOT about babies came to answer any questions our Mums' had. Mummy left feeling a little sad, apparently I am just being difficult and she should leave me to cry for 3 nights and then I will sleep through by myself. I'm not sure what Mummy and Daddy are going to do. I think she is happy knowing that some of her friends are having problems too.

I haven't gone down for a nap since lunchtime so Mummy isn't sure if I am going to be awake when Daddy gets home which is very sad!

Better go get my fish fingers - FINALLY :).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have a cold

We didn't end up going on the walk after all. I was too grumpy so I had a lie down. When I woke up we had to quickly go to the shop to buy a present for Santa to give me at Daddy's work party. We got a lovely wooden car. I wanted to buy all the musical instruments but Mummy said I would have to wait for Santa and Christmas to see what will be under the tree for me.

So today we laid low at home and just enjoyed having quiet time. Mummy made Christmas Muffins but I wasn't allowed any. I had a biscuit instead.

I hope I feel better tomorrow as it is coffee group and I know Mummy wants to see the other mums and I want to see the other children and tell Laila that I still haven't had anymore fishfingers!

Sleep tight


I love my Daddy. I just thought I should tell everyone how much fun we have together.

He plays all sorts of games with me. My favourite is being thrown up and caught. And I like chase and raspberrying.

When Daddy gets home from work I stop whatever I am doing and crawl up to him with a big smile on my face. I pull myself up on his trousers and try to give him kisses. His knees are a bit hard though.

Daddy makes lots of noise and is very different to mum. He is always up for a giggle and a game.

When I am bigger we are going to play ball games together and I can't wait to go swimming again.

I love my daddy!

No Music!

I overslept! My little nap was much longer than I thought so we couldn't go to music. I am so disappointed as it was the third last one before the school holidays. So next week I will not nap!

We did have a fun day at home though. Mummy and I played lots of games and I even practise my dancing.

Wednesday night was a bit rough, as I am getting a cold or maybe it's still my teeth. Mum isn't sure so she is just giving me pamol and loads of cuddles. Both make me feel better :)

Today, Thursday, we are supposed to be going with Jade and Matiu for a walk but Mummy isn't too sure if she should take me out today. Especially as I may give Matiu my lurgy, and he is only just over a month old.

Well better go have my morning nap. That way Mummy can have a shower and a think about whether we should go on the walk or not.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Yesterday wasn't the best of days. Mummy was a bit miffed with me as I didn't sleep well. She also got a little upset as I was very cranky all day. Luckily Marnie and Laila were up for a visit.

I think I may have just had a thing for our house as I cheered up when I saw Laila. However I still don't like it when she squeals - it makes me cry. But she cries when I steal her water so I think we are even.

Marnie made me fishfingers for lunch. YUM!! I loved them so Mummy is going to make some more for me.

When we got home I had a sleep and was much happier afterwards.

I was so happy to see Daddy when he got home and tried to climb up his legs for a cuddle. After a little play, we had supper and it was very nice. I will post a photo of the evidence soon.

Have a great day, I am hoping to get to music. That way I might see Laila and Isabelle again this week.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Manic Monday

I had to go see the nurse today as my finger is slightly infected. It is all ok and Mummy is just going to keep an eye on it.

After that we went to visit Kelly and Isabelle. She was asleep so I got to play with her toys all on my own. Kelly thinks I have grown a lot over the weekend!

When we got home I had a nap while Mummy got lunch. She got a call from James' mum, Kate and we got visitors. James is older than me and he is very chatty. We sat in the lounge and had a great chat. Our Mums' decided we were either planning on how to escape or how to take over the world.

All in all a very busy day and I went to bed without too much fuss.

Sleep well