Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

As we didn't get to the market yesterday, we decided to go the Wairarapa to buy some fruit. The folks were, as usual, worried about how I would do in the car. And as usual I outdid myself, I slept all the way there and back.

After we got the fruit we stopped in Greytown and looked at puppies and kittens. I was a bit scared of the puppies as they were very big and bouncy, but the kittens were so cute. I gave them lots of smiles and tried to touch them. Daddy said we will have to wait until I am bigger before we get a pet.

This afternoon, Mummy went out and Daddy and I played at home. I didn't miss Mummy until I had to have a nap then I cried. Daddy let me look for her and I crawled into all the rooms having a look for her and calling her name. But she wasn't anywhere.

When she came home I had lots to tell her and gave her lots of hugs.

Saturday 29th November

Yesterday was a very busy day.

We went to Lower Hutt for the morning to get me a toy to put an mp3 player in so that I can take my bedtime music with me when we go out at night. We couldn't find anything. But we did get to have some sushi for lunch, I tasted some of Mummy's without any wasabi.

After an afternoon nap and an early bath, I was put in the car and taken out to dinner. I wasn't too keen to go and cried all the way there but I was ok once we got there. I had fun meeting new people but got really tired. Mummy got me to sleep and I slept upstairs in my KinderKot while Mummy and Daddy had yummy food. They had a lovely time and were so impressed with me. I only woke up once at 9 when the other little girl cried. I didn't even wake up when I was being put in the car. Or into the cot when we got home. I ended up sleeping until 3am which is unheard of! And then again until 5:30 and 7.

Poor Mummy would be feeling better today if she had gotten to bed earlier.

It was such a good night that Daddy and Mummy think they might try going out again.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Blake's Birthday and Coffee Group!

Today was Blake's (one of Mummy's students) birthday. When we visited on Tuesday we were invited to come to his surprise birthday party. Mummy said we would go, mostly I think because she wanted to see his baby brother and sister.

We got there and I decided I wanted to talk to Kate, so Mummy got to cuddle with Reuben. He is really little compared to me. And Lily is even smaller, Mummy couldn't get near her, all the other ladies were cuddling her.

It was fun and I got to eat a cracker with hummus which I love. Mummy is trying to make it at home but it didn't quite work last time.

After the party we went home and I was supposed to practise sleeping in my KinderKot. Let's just say I didn't and leave it at that.

We went to Muffin Break for coffee with the coffee group. Only no one had coffee. It was too hot. I had fun chatting to Isabelle and Laila, Daniel is quiet but he smiled at me. According to the other Mums I have had a growth spurt. Mummy says she can't see it but they may be right.

I made friends with another little boy who was having tea with his mum and grandma. I crawled to see him at the counter and he ran away from me. But just when he was leaving, he decided he liked me. He came and showed me his toys and tried to give me a kiss.

Tonight I have gone to bed in my KinderKot to get me used to it for tomorrow night.

Sleep well


Last night

Mummy is quite happy with me this morning, I went to bed at 7, woke at 8 for a drink and then slept until 11:30. I was asleep by 11:45 then I woke at 3am for 10 min and then at 5:30 for breakfast and wouldn't go sleep again.

Daddy needed my help to find work clothes so Mummy had half hour more in bed and then we all had breakfast. I had a huge breakfast this morning. A whole weetbix, yoghurt and half a cup of smoothie! I ate it all up and only spilled a little. I look like I have a birthmark now - silly berries!

Going to go have my morning sleep, then we are going out...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

An epic journey into town...

Daddy was running late for work this morning, nothing to do with me I promise! Then he missed the bus too, so Mummy said we would go with him to Wellington. I wasn't too impressed as I had planned on having a sleep in my cot and then playing with my toys but I let Daddy dress me while Mummy got ready to go out.

After I checked that they had packed toys, food, rusks and nappies for me, I let them put me in the carseat and I chewed on my chewy-cloth for a little while until I fell asleep.

When we arrived in Wellington, we apparently took a wrong turn and had to go on a scenic drive around town but we finally got Daddy to work. Mummy and I then went to the Botanical Gardens. The roses are in full bloom and it is very beautiful. We saw some ducks and there were even some ducklings which were very cute. I tried to join them in their bath but Mummy wouldn't let go of me.

We got a coffee and then we had fun playing under the trees. Well I was playing, Mummy was trying to feed me. But seriously though have you seen how cool the leaves look when they are moving and how the grass feels different to the kind we have at home??

Daddy ran up from the office so he could have a coffee with Mummy before we went home but she said we had to go somewhere quiet so I would eat and not cry all the way home. So we went down the hill to Daddy's work and met some new people. Mummy got to feed me in a meeting room with a view of the sea. I finally ate enough to make her happy but just to remind her I'm boss, I filled my nappy and gassed out the little meeting room!

Poor Mummy!

I like Daddy's office but I was sad he didn't let me near any computers.

This afternoon we visited Esther and Liam for a little while and it was fun. Snuggles (the cat) gave me a cuddle and I nearly fell over backwards. I don't know if I like cats.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have to go to a party at Mummy's old work and then it's coffee group in the afternoon.

Busy, busy, busy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music at the library

What fun!

I love going to Music with Mummy. It is at the library every Wednesday and we go if we can. Lots of other mummies (and daddies) and babies come too and we sit in a big semicircle on comfy bean bags. Alison, the children's librarian, leads us all in action songs and stories. My favourite song is "Open Shut Them" and Mummy likes "I'm a little teabag" and "Dr Knickerbocker". Alison also tries to teach us Maori songs but Mummy can never remember the words when we get home. When the 30 minutes is over the Mummies and Daddies can have a coffee and a biscuit, while we play with instruments.

Mummy always has a chocolate finger and I try and have a taste each time. My favourite instrument is a maraca and the bells are pretty tasty too. I get to play with the other babies, some of whom I see often at coffee group or on playdates. Although we have a suspicion that our Mummy's meet so they can have a good old gossip and eat yummy cookies and cakes. That's going to change as we are getting closer to all being mobile.

This afternoon Marnie and Laila came to visit. I had lots of fun and I think Laila thinks Mummy is as funny as I do. I like it when Laila comes to play.

Tuesday Night

Good Morning All, Mummy is writing this for me as I have a nap before we go to music. I haven't had the greatest night. I went down at 7 and woke at 8, 10:30, 1, 3 and 5:30. Luckily for Mummy I was happy to play for a while at 5:30 so Daddy took me after 6am.

Daddy and I played and had breakfast while Mummy slept until 7:30. She says she is feeling good and is going to take me to Music later today. I must remind her to take Isabelle's green fish and Daniel's secret Santa present with us.

Will tell you about music when we get home.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A visit to Mummy's work

Today Mummy and I went to see her little friend Blake. His mummy had twins and he is worried about them so Mummy went to tell him that they would be ok even if all they do is cry and eat!

While we were there I was handed round to all of the ladies and I loved the attention. I also really enjoyed my first time on a trampoline. And my second time too! Mummy's friends can't believe how big I am now.

It was fun to see everyone again and to meet the new children.

After my visit I was so tired I had a 45 min nap before I even asked for lunch. My teeth are moving so my gums are sore. Mummy put my lunch in the fridge so I would eat it. She is clever sometimes.

Christmas Party 2008

We recently hosted the Christmas Party for my Antenatal friends. You can look and see me crawling around and see my friends playing with my toys...

Coffee Group Christmas Party

A quick review....

So for those of you who are new to me and my life, here follows a short recap of the last seven and a half months.

I was due to be born on the 27 March - my great grandpa's birthday but I decided that Mummy needed to practise her beached whale routine a bit longer. Eventually, Edith. the midwife, gave Mummy something to evict me from my happy home.

Mummy says she can't remember much of the birth other than being really annoyed that Daddy was playing Soduko and he kept moving places when she was talking to him.

Daddy says Mummy was very high on the gas they gave her and had time delay problems. She also didn't seem to be too fussed about the labour so he was a bit bored and played Soduko to keep himself busy while she napped between contractions!

I was very noisy at the hospital and didn't want to sleep alone. This should have been a warning to Mummy and Daddy of things to come.

So I made it home two days later and started settling in. But not in my own room like they had planned... I spent four months in their room, while my lovely cot just saw me for some day naps...

Ok just to let anyone who hasn't heard Mummy moaning about my sleep know, I don't sleep very well. On a good night I only need to check that Mummy is still around once or twice but on other nights I need to check a lot more often. Those nights are probably the nights she isn't snoring! She is very good though, she gets up and gives me cuddles and a drink if I am hungry. Most of the time I am hungry as I do SO much during the day that at night I need to build up my strength.

Sleeping aside I am a very clever little boy. I have always been very active. Mummy and Daddy say I was able to look around the room from when I was born and I have had great neck control since birth too. Naunty Jenny says I am the only newborn she has ever met who could make eye contact.

I will just list what I did when so you can just see why Mummy and Daddy are saying they want a slower baby next time round.
  • I smiled at two weeks
  • I rolled at six weeks.
  • I moved backwards at around four months
  • I moved forwards at around five and a half months
  • A week later I crawled properly (on hands and knees)
  • I sat on my own at about 6 months
  • I started pulling up at about the same time
  • I started cruising at six and a half months
  • I ate solids at five months but only really started enjoying them at about six months.

Daddy thinks I will be walking by next week. Mummy says she is going to tie lead weights to my ankles to stop my progress until at least January!

I think I caught you up on the last few months. I will have Daddy check when he gets home and he will add anything I missed!

Gotta go have my nappy changed!


Welcome to my blog...

Well it has only taken 7 and a half months for me to finally get my blog. You may have been following my progress on facebook or picasa but as I have recently perfected the pincer grip and starting "talking", I figured I should have a blog too.

My friend Laila has had one for ages and if she can have one so can I!

I am quite chatty so I hope to write something everyday or two. But Mummy tries to limit my access to the laptop so who knows if I will make it daily...

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading about my day and all the things I get up to.