Kian Quotes and Actions

I have taken over this page for Kian so that I can offer for prosperity (21st) all the great things he says.  And some of the things I have to say in response.


May 2011
  • Look Mummy I am a dead fish. I have no tail. If a fish doesn't have a tail it's dead! 
    Mummy, I have a flame in my throat. If I cough enough the flame will come out and I will be a dragon.
    Flame = phlegm :P
  •   Mummy would you like me to sing you another song?
    Just wait Mummy, it's loading.
  • New favourite words - Yes Sirree, Oinkidoo, but of course,
  •  Mummy Is not playing Doctor with Kian again. Not after mouth to mouth with a funnel! And the use of a spanner to fix my toe. And the fact that I had an envelope in my heart and my arm was full of ink... AND he sent his cars to India to get fixed, our garage shut down apparently.
  •  We just got home to discover a horse (and rider) two doors down from us. Wandered down to say hi and Kian got to feed the horse marie biscuits. He shook his head saying "Horses eat cookies? I never knewed that! You said they ate grass, Mummy!"
  • I have to slurp my milk - it gets my teeth to sparkle
  • He has named his pirate Uncle Wayne and his other pirate is Uncle Graeme
  • It took two youtube videos to prove to him that the milk that comes from cows is the actual milk that we drink.
Feb 2011

Straw - "smoothie stick"
Beside me - "next to behind me"
"Mummy, don't touch the weta. He'll hurt your feelings!"
"Mum, I wiped my bum on your towel because I couldn't reach the toilet paper."
"You couldn't reach the toilet paper that is next to the toilet but you could reach the towel that is a metre away on the other side of the basin?"
"Yes. I am sorry and will sit in timeout while you get my snack!"
"Where does the milk go when it's in the fridge?"

And after hearing Chris say "can lead a horse to water..." he replied
..."You can't ride a horse to London either..."

Dec 2010

Christmas stocking - Santa Boot
Water Pistol - Water poof

Almost any question now gets an answer of "Certainly". It is very cute and quite endearing.

Daddy is called Daddykins
Mummy is still Mummy Darling

November 2010

All forms of breakfast is called Weetbix.

Kian: Mummy, Issybelle is going to squash our house and break it.
Me: Why?
Kian : She's going to help get Gramps here. Building a new house is a big job for just Daddy and me.
(runs outside butt-naked) "I AM LEGENDARY!"

OCT 2010

Mummy I want to be in your tummy again, then I'll be your little baby again and I'll have mummy milk again.
Kian talking about Milan (9 months)

I'm Milan's grown up. I am bigger than her and I love her. I love her and look after her. That's what your grown ups do.

Kian talking to Little Miaow:
LM: miaow (it's one of those toys)
K: Yes, I know you want some cake.
LM: miaow
K:Ok you can be patient and get cake or moan and not get any. You choose.
LM: Miaow
K: Patient? Yes? No? Good choice! Now show me patience while I go get your cake.

Cyndi  never thought she would EVER say "Kian, we don't drill babies!"

"I cant' eat it." "Why not?"
 "It's sad, Mummy, the milk is scared."
"Why is the milk scared?"
"The milk is scared of the chocolate bears!"
"What Chocolate Bears? You're eating weetbix."
"They're invisible Mummy, you can't see them but the milk can"
"ohhhhkay then." 
"Mummy, please excuse me from the table, I'll eat my cereal when the bears leave!"

Cyndi ‎'s son has covered his nipples with stickers. need i say more??

Cyndi  would like to go to bed and wake up in a reality where fart jokes are not funny and neither of my boys EVER offer to fart on each other...


Kian: Wow, Mummy these are the best noodles you ever bought from countdown!

Sept 2010

Me: Kian, why are you outside in the rain?
Kian: Catching rain in my bottle, it's just like water.


Kian: Oh look mummy, I can make it get bigger!
Me: what? huh? OHHHHHHHHH ok. Would you like to put some undies on?


Cyndi  is listening to Kian "phoning" Daddy to tell him that he wants him to come home and Mummy to go to work, because he misses him and loves him. *sigh*


Cyndi  is thankful that we convinced Kian to turn his pants around, I can live with the need to wear goggles to the shops... it is raining after all!


 K: "Mummy those are pretty knickers, I like them. You look pretty"
M: " UUUUUMMMM Thanks?"