Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally found a few minutes:

Ok let's update you all on what I have been doing.

I can say: grandma, door, don't know, dinosaur, mama, dada, letters, tractor and (heli)copter, kitten.

I also roar when asked what a dragon/dinosaur or lion says. Mummy seems to think I might actually just blurt out a sentence soon as I often tell her long stories that she can almost understand.

I can sign:
  1. more/please
  2. finished
  3. dog
  4. cat
  5. bird
  6. duck
  7. milk
  8. eat/food
  9. plane
  10. tree
  11. helicopter
  12. that
  13. light
  14. rabbit (almost)
  15. clock
  16. music
  17. book
  18. lots
  19. fish
  20. switch
  21. broken
  22. hot
  23. fan
  24. on/off
We have been swimming again and it's still really fun and I now spend most of my bath time trying to get all the water out of the bath and onto the floor. I hope that Daddy will come to the pool with us sometime - it'll be so much more fun!

I enjoy building towers of blocks and can build them taller than me, with only a little help stabilising the structure. When it all falls over I say "Uh-oh!"

I have taken to handing books to all our visitors and sitting down for a story. I really love books and often choose to sit and read. Mummy hopes it will last as she says that way she will be able to keep up with me in at least one activity.

At coffee group yesterday I had lots of fun playing with my friends and only got into trouble once... Jumping onto a coffee table is not good!

I also have four molars coming and am quite a grumpy guts at the moment, but even while I am grumpy I still have everyone in fits of giggles.

Have a good weekend! We are going to the library and to a party and, if all goes well, the park! I love the park and the slide!

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