Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a long weekend!

Grandma and Gramps came over from Sydney for a long weekend, so I decided to celebrate with a nasty bout of Chicken Pox. It was one of those ideas, like sliding down a wet slide 20 minutes from home, that sounds good in my head but is actually a BAD IDEA!

I got the pox EVERYWHERE - anywhere that could get a pox got one. But I did go to the airport to meet them. Although in retrospect I probably infected all the international travellers (hehe).

Once I got home I was in good spirits until it started itching. Luckily I had four adults to entertain me and keep my hands busy. I had to bath in pinetarsol to stop the itching - which makes the bath all yellow and smelly. Then Mummy and Daddy and Grandma (yes it took three people) covered me in pawpaw ointment, lovely sticky stuff.

Even though I was quite run down by the poxies, I hope I was lively enough to give Gramps and Grandma their money's worth. We went to Rivendell, the river and the play ground. I also showed them all my toys and my new smile pose.

I am now almost better and have been driving Mummy nuts with my constant asking if we can go to the airport to see "Ganma". I check their room every morning and say "no no" and "plane" when Mummy says they've gone home.

Oh Mummy says I must tell you all that I am using the window seats that Gramps and Daddy made to stand on the windowsill and look out the new open window and talk to the bees!

Gramps and Grandma will be back soon for Gramps' work!! YAY!!

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