Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Happy Christmas to you all!

Well I am a huge fan of Christmas. I loved all my presents and most of Daddy's too. Mummy's are all a bit too mummyish for me. I am quite proud to say I don't have a fixed favourite but I am hopeful that Santa may visit again. I keep checking my room, just in case. 
Hanging up my stocking.

On Christmas Eve, Daddy helped me write a letter to Santa to say thank you for coming all the way to my house. I put it. my stocking and some snacks on the heater so he would know where to find them. When I woke up the stocking was on my BED! Santa came to my room!

After I opened my stocking presents - stickers, a book, stamps, a dvd and bubbles, we went and made Mummy open a present - it was a stove top espresso pot. That way she could try it out and make a new type of coffee for breakfast. We had a special breakfast - chocolate flavoured! I'm never allowed chocolate flavoured cereal. I LOVE Christmas.
Avast Ye! I am Dread Pirate Kian!
After that we opened all our presents. We got rather spoiled. I got lovely books, my favourite new one is a Gruffalo book with sound buttons - we had to stop opening presents so that I could read it with Daddy. Thank you Uncle Wayne and Aunty Ches! I got jerseys and special toys that Nanna knitted and an exciting book, Gramps and Nyamanyama got me lots of special toys including a new drill, Uncle Graeme bought me an awesome wooden pirate ship. 

Mummy and Daddy got me some books too and few other little bits and pieces. 
The last present I opened was the helmet I had asked Santa for. But I looked everywhere and couldn't find the blue bicycle that went with it. Mummy said that maybe Santa had run out of money and we could use my new helmet with my old bike. For a minute, I felt really sad and Mummy thought I might cry. But then I thought a new helmet was better than nothing and ran to the garage

As I was pulling out my bike, Mummy said she was just going to move something out of my way. When she moved the blanket, I saw my blue bike! I jumped up and down and squealed. Then I was off down the pavement. with Daddy!

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