Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

I love Easter! I love having Daddy home with us for 4 whole days and being allowed to eat chocolate straight after weetbix (breakfast).

The Easter Bunny visited me. I woke up and had breakfast after checking to see if he had arrived. He hadn't but when I came back from getting dressed after breakfast there was a trail of easter eggs leading from my bedroom to the garden! I looked and looked and found lots of eggs. I kept them safe in my toolbox.

Daddy looked like he wanted to join in so I out all of his eggs in the garden too! He was too slow at looking so I pointed them all out for him!

Other things we did this weekend were:
  • Playing at the beach
  • Picnic in the car
  • Playing on the playground in Masterton
  • An early morning bike ride with Daddy
  • Baking with Mummy
  • Watched Rio at the cinema
  • Kayla's party
  • Played board games for the first time
  • Built lots of things with Daddy
  • Woke NyamaNyama and Gramps up when we forgot the time difference had changed - Sorry :D
How was your easter?

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