Monday, July 25, 2011

My first snow day.

When we woke up we saw snow on the mountains and I ate some snow off the grass so that I could taste it. Then I played in the garden for a little.

After breakfast, at 8 o'clock I got dressed very warmly and wore a hat and a hoodie and gloves. 

Daddy, Mummy and I drove to Tunnel Gully to see if there was more snow there. When we got there it was snowing. We stopped the car and went in the snow. It was snowing and it was cold. Daddy and I built a snowman. My hands got really cold and I was sad and cried. After that we drove a little further to play at our river spot. Daddy and I threw snowballs in the river. They floated down the river. 

When we left Daddy put three snowballs on the car. They were still there when we got to our house. We threw them at garage and at Mummy.

Dictated by Kian!

Tunnel Gully Entrance Bridge

What! My gloves keep getting wet!

Daddy took a little time off work to play in the snow with us!

The sun trying to break through the clouds.

Making snowballs to throw into the river where we spent so much time in the Summer

Chasing Daddy up the hill with a snowball!

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