Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brunches and lunches

We went to the Southern Cross for brunch today. I had mini pancakes with maple syrup and banana, they were very yummy. Much better than Mummy's. When I am bigger I can go back and the waitresses will entertain me while Mum and Dad have a break. It will be so fun. I walked all around the restaurant to see what was what.

After brunch we walked around Wellington and looked at all sorts of shops. We even found one baby clothing shop where everything was so smal I would have to wear a size 2!

We finally got to Borders and I got bought a book. It's "hairy Mclairy from Donaldson's Dairy" by Lynley Dodd. She is a NZ author and all her books are great. They rhyme beautifully.

On our way back to the car we passed a outdoor interactive drum exhibit. I got to play the drums... it was apparently a lot like the Stomp setup. I LOVED IT. I even jammed with two tourists who thought I was ever so cute. They took my photo and everything. I didn't use a drumstick - I used my maraca, so even when I wasn't banging on the drums or hub caps etc I was still making music. I hope Mummy can find me a musical instrument appreciation class.

When we got home, I played in my paddling pool and helped Daddy in the garage. We also popped to the shops where I insisted on shouting hello to everybody in the shop and waved at them too. Just in case they didn't hear me from a mile away.

It was such a busy day I went to bed early and am hopefully going to be asleep all night!

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