Monday, May 11, 2009

A short update...

Well it could be said that I am keeping Mummy on her toes now that I can run and climb. She rarely gets a chance to sit down and have a coffee let alone write out my blog. I bet if this ever comes online she is doing it while she should be getting showered and dressed for the day's adventure. Which means we will probably be late...

Over the last few weeks I have been doing some new things. I go swimming every Thursday which is so much fun. We go in the deep pool first for a swim and then we go into the special baby pool which is perfect for me to run around in and chase the fountains and sprinklers. It also has a wonderful cafe which serves yummy fluffies!

I am also hoping to go back to Twinkle Toes which is a really fun singing and music group. Mummy and I had so much fun and they even gave me morning tea!

This past weekend I showed Daddy that while he has been at work I have learned to kick my ball really hard and not fall over as often. We went to a reserve near Sarah and Richard's house to play. Well Daddy, Richard and Sarah played more than me as there was a flying fox/zip line over the stream. Even Mummy had a go when we were busy throwing stones in the stream. After that I played on the playground and exhausted everyone!

I am getting better at throwing too, but I have to keep practising because I can't throw the tennis ball yet as it is too heavy.

Mummy bought me gumboots! They have dinosaurs on them and I love that I am allowed in puddles. It was a very strange sound when I first stepped in the puddle but after a few good stamps I decided it was worth the effort and played in all 5 on the path in the park.

It was Mother's Day yesterday and we took Mummy for breakfast. She had a lovely day and I gave her lots of cuddles and kisses.

Well I better let Mummy go to the loo before I wake up.

I will try and upload a selection of park photos this week!



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