Monday, September 7, 2009

My first visit to Playgroup

Mummy, Kate, James and I ventured out into the big boy world of playgroup today. It was a bit scary for us all at first. Mummy was nervous because it was a Montessori school and she wasn't sure if she would agree with the way things are done. But she really loved it.

I was a bit of a livewire as always at the start but when I found my feet I was really good and played with lots of things, I even painted a picture. There was so much to do and so many new rules to learn. But it helps that I am very clever and sharing.

James had fun too and we spent about 20 minutes washing the morning tea dishes. In a Montessori environment even little children are encouraged to help with chores and use real things not plastic. (Don't tell Mummy but I used a knife to spread marmite on my cracker)

It went so well we are going back next week!

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