Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kite surfing and Planes...

Hi there,

I thought I would write Kian's blog this evening as he is in bed 45 minutes early and so is his Daddy. It is so rare that I get some quiet time...

This afternoon we thought we should get out the house. It was one of those Sundays where getting out of your PJs seems pointless. So we headed into Wellington to see if we could see some planes take off at the airport.

We arrived in a freezing cold Lyall Bay - southerlies roaring, to see kite-surfers. Kian and Chris were so excited. Kian I think was more interested in the bright kites and Chris in the fact that the one guy jumped about 15m into the air. It frightens me to think that in the not so distant futrue my little Kian will be doing something similar.

After about 20 minutes of watching the kites, we heard a plane take off and that was it. Kian sat in his carseat signing "plane" and making plane noises followed by the sign for "where". So we drove to the side of the runway and got out the car, in order to see better. Dumb idea. I didn't have a hat or hoodie with me. Luckily both boys did as the wind was so cold I got earache that lasted a good hour after we left the airport. Kian loved watching the planes coming in and taking off. There was even an old WW2 plane that came in.

Once we were tired of freezing our butts off we drove to the more sheltered Oriental Bay so Kian could have a run on the promenade and get his fill of dogs and bikes and joggers... We bought gelato to celebrate the fact that it wasn't raining and we could see blue skies! Kian is a fan of gelato now too. Something I am sure we will live to regret!

Well I am now going to rot my brain with some mindless TV...

Have a great week and think of me.

Cyndi (Kian's Mum in case you didn't know :) )

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