Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slides into pools and other adventures.

I have had lots of fun over the last few weeks.

When we go swimming, I meet up with two new friends, Cameron and Brendan, and their daddy Mark. So it makes swimming even more entertaining. Mummy, Mark and Rod have to watch FOUR little ones under 3! It is very amusing. We tried a different pool last week, which had a slide into the pool. Awesome! Mummy wouldn't go down the slide with me - but Mark did! It was really fun.

On the weekend I was spoiled rotten by Daddy - he bought me a huge wooden truck! It is amazing. It tips up and everything. I can even sit in the back. It is a bit too heavy for inside use but as it is raining I can as long as I am very careful.

Mummy got me a mostly waterproof overalls which is great as I can now play in the garden even if it has been raining. But I do think I look like I should be working at a butchery. I will post pictures as soon as Mummy takes one that looks good.

I have been learning some new signs and also say the word Yes and nod my head. It makes life easier for everyone. M&D are proud that I didn't learn no first - but it will come.

Lastly - Gramps and Grandma are in Sydney and I hope that means I will be able to chat to them soon and visit too! Mummy says it is weird that they are in the same hemisphere again.

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