Friday, February 27, 2009

so much to do, so little time to blog...


We have been busy now that I am more mobile.

We go to the music group at the library, coffee group on Friday, visiting friends, walks around town, trips to Wellington and every now and then we go to coffee shops.

I like to crawl and walk everywhere so it takes a lot to keep me in the buggy. I can walk on my own but I still prefer to hold onto Mummy or Daddy's hand. I just want to be sure of the whole defying gravity thing before I let go of my safety net.

Grandma and Gramps are coming to visit soon. I can't wait.

Mummy will load photos soon and will also put on a video of me eating noodles!

My eating plan is going well and I have done another whole night but it's not a pattern yet. Gotta keep Mummy on her toes - when I slept through she made us go for a walk before 6 in the morning!!!

Well gotta go get the house ready for coffee group, Mummy is making baked potatoes and I better make sure she does them right!


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