Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new eating plan

Well I have been put on a diet.... Not because I am too fat but because I don't sleep enough!

Mummy has to make me food every 4 hours during the day and it seems to have worked well. I eat LOADS and only wake up once or twice a night which is an improvement! I used to wake up every 2 hours or so but after a week on this plan I have slept right through once and the most I have woken up is 3 times.

I think Mummy is finding it hard to think of foods to feed me but I am trying to be helpful by helping myself to the potatoes in the pantry and picking things up off the floor. Who would have known that shiny glitter stars are not food? It's not in the manual.

I like to eat noodles especially Udon noondles but I don't like anything with it. I LOVE cheesy eggs but only the way Mummy makes it - Daddy overcooks them but he has been watching Mummy make them. I like fishfingers, especially at Laila's house. Hashbrowns are good too as are Daddy's potato wedges.

If you have any advice for Mummy on what to feed me let her know ok?

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