Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waitangi day weekend

We went into Wellington to go to the Waitangi celebrations. it was also Sevens weekend so mummy and daddy were very excited to see all the strange costumes.

We had just parked when I saw a campervan full of penguins, a group of French maids (I hope grandma doesn't wear that outfit!) and a whole bunch of strange batgirls! Everyone was really friendly and they all seemed to be drinking funny coloured cold drinks.

Mummy said maybe Daddy will take me to the 7s when I am older - MUCH older.

We met up with Richard and Sarah and had lunch at Te Papa - the best museum I have been too. Ok, the only one but Daddy says it's too far to go to the Natural History Museum in London. Before we had lunch though we went to see a concert at the marae in Te Papa. It was very good and I danced while the ladies were singing. I made lots of people smile. I also really wanted to greet a man with LONG hair but Mummy wasn't sure he'd want me pulling on his dreadlocks.

On Saturday we went to Petone to pick up some special aquifer (spelling??) water and vegetables for the week. Basically it was a boring day but Mummy made waffles for lunch. So it got slightly better.

On Sunday Daddy and I went to the park and I went on all the apparatus. I have perfected the slide, tunnels and even the swing bridge. It was so hot that we stayed inside most of the afternoon.

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