Monday, February 16, 2009

Waving at Buses

I love waving at buses and usually I wave at the one that goes past our house. But today we went to the Botanical Gardens and I got to wave at 4! They were the big ones too. Lots of people on the buses waved back. It was really fun.

I had a good time at the cafe. Mummy let me have some more breakfst as I was still hungry and she didn't want to share her muffin. After our morning tea we went to look at the ducks but they were gone. So after some crawling at the Peace Flame and lots of pointing at the waterfall we walked back to the car.

Mummy says I should tell you that the walk that would have taken 5 minutes took about 40! It isn't my fault they painted these bright flowers on the pavement. I had to poke them with sticks and rub leaves on them. I also had to talk to all the people who didn't go on the buses - they were walking down to the waterfront. They were from the big cruise-ship we saw in the harbour.

When we got to the car I stop. I had to see what was through the big gates just in front of us. So I kept going. Mummy followed me as I crawled through the Settlers Cemetry. She said something about it being a bit morbid as I crawled over tombstones but I thought it was fun. They were angled perfectly and just the right height to pull myself up on so I could see over the other side. I met some new people too, they thought I was very cute sitting on the tombstone, eating a daisy.

Mummy says next time she will take the camera so she can prove how far I crawled.

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