Monday, October 25, 2010

My big boy bedroom: Part 3 - The Playroom

Well technically it's not a room... it's actually the entry hall but as we never use the front door Mummy and Daddy decided to use the space for something useful - not just a dumping ground.

They moved the shelves that used to hold my books into the passage and it now holds all of my puzzles, art and craft supply, playdough and other games. Above is another shelf with the things I can't use without a grown up like Mummy's laminator - did I mention that she's a teacher?

I also keep my little toys there and my easel and art smocks. It is a great place and looks like a school supply store. Soon Daddy says we will get rid of the ugly amber glass and it will be nice and bright.

Moving my things there also means that there is less mess in the lounge!

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