Saturday, October 30, 2010

My big boy bedroom: Part 5 - the bed.

Well as I am not allowed to use the camera yet, there is no photographic proof that Mummy did indeed get bitten by the DIY bug and sanded down my bed base to get to the rimu (red pine) and re-varnished it with a clear varnish so the wood would stand out.

She is very proud that she could use the big sander without Daddy's help and that she now understands sandpaper grading.

Now the base is a not a standard size but is perfect for me until I am a lot bigger. It took Mummy a lot of phoning around to get a mattress to fit but she did it. She got one all the way from another town, it was cut to size and everything. (She is quite clever is my mummy)

Then we went shopping for bedding. I wanted Winnie the Pooh so that was tricky as the Pooh Bear duvet covers are very spendy and lots are very girlie and pink. But we found a perfect one which even has Little Roo on it!

Last night I slept in my bed and it is wonderful!

Thank you mummy.

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Keith and Fiona said...

new big boys bed looks good, in fact the entire make over is amazing, we like the use of the old wardrobe area. Well done !