Monday, October 25, 2010

My big boy bedroom: Part 1 - the shelves.

It all began a few months ago when Mummy decided I needed forward facing bookshelves, it must be a teacher thing...

So she went looking for them online and decided that, although she loved the ones she found online, she wouldn't pay $300 and up for them. That's about the time the local stationery and bookshop moved into the Mall. Mummy noticed that they had left a few magazine display racks in the old shop. She asked them if she could buy them and they let her have them for FREE!

Daddy helped get them home and we all joined in fixing them - even me!

We used both of them as I have a LOT of books.

Mummy and Daddy let me choose the colour to paint them and I chose a sunshine yellow (or Migraine Yellow as Mummy calls it). They look amazing and that's when Mummy got bitten by the DIY Makeover bug!

Just so that you know what they looked like before:


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