Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music at the library

What fun!

I love going to Music with Mummy. It is at the library every Wednesday and we go if we can. Lots of other mummies (and daddies) and babies come too and we sit in a big semicircle on comfy bean bags. Alison, the children's librarian, leads us all in action songs and stories. My favourite song is "Open Shut Them" and Mummy likes "I'm a little teabag" and "Dr Knickerbocker". Alison also tries to teach us Maori songs but Mummy can never remember the words when we get home. When the 30 minutes is over the Mummies and Daddies can have a coffee and a biscuit, while we play with instruments.

Mummy always has a chocolate finger and I try and have a taste each time. My favourite instrument is a maraca and the bells are pretty tasty too. I get to play with the other babies, some of whom I see often at coffee group or on playdates. Although we have a suspicion that our Mummy's meet so they can have a good old gossip and eat yummy cookies and cakes. That's going to change as we are getting closer to all being mobile.

This afternoon Marnie and Laila came to visit. I had lots of fun and I think Laila thinks Mummy is as funny as I do. I like it when Laila comes to play.

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