Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A quick review....

So for those of you who are new to me and my life, here follows a short recap of the last seven and a half months.

I was due to be born on the 27 March - my great grandpa's birthday but I decided that Mummy needed to practise her beached whale routine a bit longer. Eventually, Edith. the midwife, gave Mummy something to evict me from my happy home.

Mummy says she can't remember much of the birth other than being really annoyed that Daddy was playing Soduko and he kept moving places when she was talking to him.

Daddy says Mummy was very high on the gas they gave her and had time delay problems. She also didn't seem to be too fussed about the labour so he was a bit bored and played Soduko to keep himself busy while she napped between contractions!

I was very noisy at the hospital and didn't want to sleep alone. This should have been a warning to Mummy and Daddy of things to come.

So I made it home two days later and started settling in. But not in my own room like they had planned... I spent four months in their room, while my lovely cot just saw me for some day naps...

Ok just to let anyone who hasn't heard Mummy moaning about my sleep know, I don't sleep very well. On a good night I only need to check that Mummy is still around once or twice but on other nights I need to check a lot more often. Those nights are probably the nights she isn't snoring! She is very good though, she gets up and gives me cuddles and a drink if I am hungry. Most of the time I am hungry as I do SO much during the day that at night I need to build up my strength.

Sleeping aside I am a very clever little boy. I have always been very active. Mummy and Daddy say I was able to look around the room from when I was born and I have had great neck control since birth too. Naunty Jenny says I am the only newborn she has ever met who could make eye contact.

I will just list what I did when so you can just see why Mummy and Daddy are saying they want a slower baby next time round.
  • I smiled at two weeks
  • I rolled at six weeks.
  • I moved backwards at around four months
  • I moved forwards at around five and a half months
  • A week later I crawled properly (on hands and knees)
  • I sat on my own at about 6 months
  • I started pulling up at about the same time
  • I started cruising at six and a half months
  • I ate solids at five months but only really started enjoying them at about six months.

Daddy thinks I will be walking by next week. Mummy says she is going to tie lead weights to my ankles to stop my progress until at least January!

I think I caught you up on the last few months. I will have Daddy check when he gets home and he will add anything I missed!

Gotta go have my nappy changed!


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