Thursday, November 27, 2008

An epic journey into town...

Daddy was running late for work this morning, nothing to do with me I promise! Then he missed the bus too, so Mummy said we would go with him to Wellington. I wasn't too impressed as I had planned on having a sleep in my cot and then playing with my toys but I let Daddy dress me while Mummy got ready to go out.

After I checked that they had packed toys, food, rusks and nappies for me, I let them put me in the carseat and I chewed on my chewy-cloth for a little while until I fell asleep.

When we arrived in Wellington, we apparently took a wrong turn and had to go on a scenic drive around town but we finally got Daddy to work. Mummy and I then went to the Botanical Gardens. The roses are in full bloom and it is very beautiful. We saw some ducks and there were even some ducklings which were very cute. I tried to join them in their bath but Mummy wouldn't let go of me.

We got a coffee and then we had fun playing under the trees. Well I was playing, Mummy was trying to feed me. But seriously though have you seen how cool the leaves look when they are moving and how the grass feels different to the kind we have at home??

Daddy ran up from the office so he could have a coffee with Mummy before we went home but she said we had to go somewhere quiet so I would eat and not cry all the way home. So we went down the hill to Daddy's work and met some new people. Mummy got to feed me in a meeting room with a view of the sea. I finally ate enough to make her happy but just to remind her I'm boss, I filled my nappy and gassed out the little meeting room!

Poor Mummy!

I like Daddy's office but I was sad he didn't let me near any computers.

This afternoon we visited Esther and Liam for a little while and it was fun. Snuggles (the cat) gave me a cuddle and I nearly fell over backwards. I don't know if I like cats.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have to go to a party at Mummy's old work and then it's coffee group in the afternoon.

Busy, busy, busy!

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