Friday, November 28, 2008

Blake's Birthday and Coffee Group!

Today was Blake's (one of Mummy's students) birthday. When we visited on Tuesday we were invited to come to his surprise birthday party. Mummy said we would go, mostly I think because she wanted to see his baby brother and sister.

We got there and I decided I wanted to talk to Kate, so Mummy got to cuddle with Reuben. He is really little compared to me. And Lily is even smaller, Mummy couldn't get near her, all the other ladies were cuddling her.

It was fun and I got to eat a cracker with hummus which I love. Mummy is trying to make it at home but it didn't quite work last time.

After the party we went home and I was supposed to practise sleeping in my KinderKot. Let's just say I didn't and leave it at that.

We went to Muffin Break for coffee with the coffee group. Only no one had coffee. It was too hot. I had fun chatting to Isabelle and Laila, Daniel is quiet but he smiled at me. According to the other Mums I have had a growth spurt. Mummy says she can't see it but they may be right.

I made friends with another little boy who was having tea with his mum and grandma. I crawled to see him at the counter and he ran away from me. But just when he was leaving, he decided he liked me. He came and showed me his toys and tried to give me a kiss.

Tonight I have gone to bed in my KinderKot to get me used to it for tomorrow night.

Sleep well


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