Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

As we didn't get to the market yesterday, we decided to go the Wairarapa to buy some fruit. The folks were, as usual, worried about how I would do in the car. And as usual I outdid myself, I slept all the way there and back.

After we got the fruit we stopped in Greytown and looked at puppies and kittens. I was a bit scared of the puppies as they were very big and bouncy, but the kittens were so cute. I gave them lots of smiles and tried to touch them. Daddy said we will have to wait until I am bigger before we get a pet.

This afternoon, Mummy went out and Daddy and I played at home. I didn't miss Mummy until I had to have a nap then I cried. Daddy let me look for her and I crawled into all the rooms having a look for her and calling her name. But she wasn't anywhere.

When she came home I had lots to tell her and gave her lots of hugs.

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