Friday, January 9, 2009

This week...

has been quite busy, even if we only had one nice day =, weatherwise :)

On Monday and Tuesday we didn't do much. Just hung out at home really.

On Wednesday Connor came to play. It was such fun. I got to play wrestling games and chattted to him. He has more words than me. I am going to try to learn NO like him. It is very funny when he yells "NO!!" We met the neighbour's puppies. Mummy and Christine think they are more like drowned rats but they are Chihuahuas (impressed that I can spell that aren't you!!) I liked them a lot and sat and laughed at them and got licked by Holly and Yoda!

On Thursday Daddy worked from home. Mummy and I went to visit Esther and she gave me a cool scrapbook canvas with a dragon and castle on it for Christmas. It is going to look so good in my bedroom. Have I told you I like dragons? I have 5 now. I am hoping to get a mural painted one day so I can be a knight in a castle!

Thursday afternoon, we went to the sea again and this time Daddy and I went for a swim. It was awesome. Very different to a bath and the water tasted really weird. After our swim we had ice pops. I really enjoyed Mummy's and ate half of it. My tongue turned orange and so did my nappy later that night *Giggle*

We had supper in my paddling pool as it was SO hot yesterday. My bedroom was 33 degrees at 7pm. And that was with the fan on and windows open! I was hoping to sleep in just my nappy but after I took it off during my morning nap yesterday mummy won't let me sleep in just a nappy.

Today is coffee group and I can't wait to go play with my friends.

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