Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so far this week

Ok the highlight of coffee group was playing on the piano - It was so cool. I loved it and played what mummy called scales. I think I might be like Uncle Graeme and take up piano when I am older.

Saturday was very boring and we didn't do much of anythign other than groceries. I got to go around the market in my backpack which was interesting.

Sunday was crazy, Mummy had a party for her her birthday. Lots of her friends came so they could buy plastic boxes. It looked a bit dull so all of us guys went to the play park instead. We came back in time for the food. Mummy was spoilt though and she got lots of the boxes and even something for me.

Monday was hard as I was being grumpy and Mummy was tired. But luckily Laila and her family are back from their holiday, she was grumpy too so we went to them for a break. I was also weighed and measured at Pllunket -

10.28 kg/22.66lbs
74.5cm tall

I am doing well apparently and am in the 75% for my age. The nurse was also impressed by all the odd things I eat. Not sure what's odd about hummous and thai curry and naan bread. While I was there I helped rearrange the furniture. The feng shui was off!

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