Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pizza with Richard and Sarah

After a miserable morning of rain and tidying up, Daddy picked up Richard and Sarah.

She is looking much better after her accident and felt like she could put up with us AND eat pizza.

The grownups ate hells pizzas, I had to have what Richard called broccoli-gloop. It wasn't so bad but I must admit the pizza crust I was given to chew on tasted really good. But apparently Mummy ruined her pizza by putting capers and anchovies on it. Not sure what those are but Daddy's face when he ate a bite of it was hilarious!

It is always fun having them over... Richard always tickles my toes and asks why Mummy and Daddy didn't just get a cat!


Anonymous said...

Damn straight. That broccoli gloop is bad-ass. Give the boy some meat, dammit or he'll grow up to be a cheese-eating, Ruby coding surrender monkey (like daddy).

The Ngaio massiv don't take no jibber-jabber, fo.

Bad-ass west-side pimp, fo said...

Dammit woman, again with the fascist censoring of my most brilliant postary!

P.S. The people need cookies!
P.P.S. Can has?