Friday, January 2, 2009

My Mummy's turn to say some things about me...

I have been convinced to let Mummy tell you somethings you might not know about me already. She likes to brag...

Dear Blogreader,

This is Kian's Mummy. He finally let me have a go at this blogging thing. I wanted to tell you some of the things he does that we love.

It is hard to know where to start, so we'll start at the beginning of the day. On a good morning Kian will play in his cot and talk to all his toys. If he is in a really good mood, he will put on his mobile music box and dance/bounce about his cot. On a not so good morning he yells until I fetch him and put him our bed. Then he plays with us and tries to tickle Chris.

During the day he loves to play. Some of the time he plays on his own. He loves making noises with various things. If anything could possibly make a noise, he will figure out how. He puts a metal bowl in front of his mouth and giggles into it so that he can hear how his voice changes. If we are outside he will shout louder so he can hear echoes. We have a electronic die that makes a noise when banged and I often hear him coming up the passage with it in his hand while crawling. He enjoys using us as a climbing frame and dives off us with no fear.

If we are outside he watches everything and turns to any new noise. He gets very excited when he sees cars and jumps up and down when he sees a bus!

He is very interested in books and will spend time just looking at the pictures which is very cute to see. If Chris and I are busy on the laptops or PC he wants to be part of it too and enjoys bashing his toy keyboard.

He can say Mamam and Daddad. His new favourite sound is "brrr" he says it all day long. He also grunts but they sound like questions and statements. He often sounds like R2D2 from Star Wars. He has just started pointing things out to us to identify which is lovely.

He is definitely a special little boy, he has a distinct personality and already seems older than he is.

I have been told that he will be a leader and bring change to the world. So far I think they may be right.

Love and light,


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