Friday, January 16, 2009

Mummy's Birthday

Mummy was woken up bright and early. By me of course! But Daddy took me to the lounge and we did some fun boy things.

When Mummy finally woke up again we gave her the cards. Mine had my hand print in it. Mummy probably woke up when I was objecting to having my hand washed in the bathroom. Then Daddy got her coffee and breakfast. Not too sure why she was being spoiled, but Daddy stayed home to play with us.

We went to coffee group and Christine, Connor's mummy, made Mummy birthday cupcakes and everyone sang her a song while she blew out a candle! I played with Connor and his wagon. Daddy inspired his daddy to make one too!

After that Daddy took us to lunch and I had Chinese food for the first time. It was yummy but very messy.

When we got home I had a sleep while Mummy went to the grocery store. She bought things for a picnic. We drove into Wellington and got to have supper outside in the gardens with Richard and Sarah. We had so much food and it was all yummy. But best of all there was loud music and lots of people to watch and wave at. I even tried dancing. It will be easier when I can kick my feet without falling over.

I was very tired by the time the concert was over and I cried in the car but fell asleep by the time we were passing Petone. Mummy got me into bed with out waking me and I had a good night.

I must say I like picnics and concerts!

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