Friday, December 12, 2008

Jelly Babies!

Well today was just perfect!

I woke up after my nap and Daddy was still at home. He says he is ill but I know he just stayed home to play with me. Hopefully he will be ill more often.

Coffee group was AWESOME! We played lots and had a good time. Then Mummy said "Jelly?". Next thing we knew we were all in just our nappies. Oh, Connor and I were wearing a T shirt but I took mine off later. We went outside and there was a tarp on the grass. It was a very cool thing to crawl on but then a big platter of jelly was put in the middle of it.

It felt really weird and was sticky and so much fun to play with. I ended up lying in it and got covered in it. Laila ended up eating it while sitting in the middle of it all. It was so much fun. Afterwards we were had a bath outside. It was just the best time ever.

I hope next week is as much fun - there were murmurs of something called flurry, gloop and, of course, more jelly!!

I will put a photo online as soon as I can get one off Laila.

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Mark, Marnie and Laila Anderson said...

yeah, jelly was fun and pics are on the way! Gloop? Cant wait.