Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Music Group of the year. - I AM 8 MONTHS TODAY!

What a sad day, today was the last day until next February that we could go to music. I decided to be well rested so that I could really enjoy it and we were nearly late because I woke up at 10 and was still in my jammies. Luckily Mummy had everything ready so I just had to have a bum clean and my shorts and t shirt put on. It was hot so I didn't bother with socks.

When we got there I sat with Mummy for a while until Alison came out with Pooh Bear and her books. I decided that I should show all the other babies how to behave. I sat right in the middle of the Circle right in front of Alison. was chewing on a puzzle piece and I didn't move until the last song. I really liked sitting there as it felt like all the mummies and babies were singing to me!

Kelly even said I was just being a show off and she could just picture me in kindy - sitting beautifully on the mat.

After the stories and singing we were given the instruments. I stole Isabelle's but she stole it back! And then we turned it into a game! After a little while I went to see why Mummy was cuddling Laila. It was a trap! Marnie scooped me up and I got cuddled too! After a while Laila and I both got put back down and I gave her a cuddle and a little kiss!

When we got home Mummy made me Cheesy Scrambled Eggs for lunch. I ate lots of it but I dropped most of the toast on the floor. It is my second favourite lunch food! My favourite is Lambs Fry out of a tin.

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