Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday 18th

Well as a busy little man, I forgot to tell you about the other 2 things I have learnt to do...

I can play catch. Daddy throws a tennis ball into my lap and then I pick it up and throw it back... Technically I guess it isn't catch as much as throw and throw but it is fun.

Now the other game I play makes me wonder just how intelligent grownups really are... It's called peek-a-boo. It works on the principal that I disappear if I hold something infront of my face. Not in front of all of me just my face... Then they say "Where's he?" I drop whatever I am holding to see if they have turned round or suddenly gone blind and they squeal "There's he!" I have even tested this using the net curtain and I know they can see me and yet.... "Where's he!?!?"

Thursday was wet so we couldn't do much but when it cleared in the afternoon mummy took me to the swings and I went down the slide on my own again. I think I might just be very clever.

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