Saturday, December 13, 2008

Swings and pools!

We had a great day today.

Daddy and I went for walk after breakfast this morning so Mummy could have a lie in. She met us at the park later and we had a little wander around. I tried to catch the leaves as Daddy carried me on his shoulders. I wasn't allowed to eat any as Mummy and Daddy couldn't tell if they were poisonous or not. I don;t know what that means but it sounds like it could be fun.

We got home and I went for a nap while Mummy and Daddy had a coffee. Apparently they were tired too, but needed coffee more than a nap. They drink something called Jolt and keep telling me it's 4 scoops per pot. I think they want me to make them coffee one day soon.

When I woke up we went into town and I had a photo taken with Santa. I was a super smiley boy and didn't even think to be scared of Santa. Some of my other friends cried when they met him. I didn't even really notice him as there was a pretty lady taking the photo.

We went home soon after as we all needed lunch. Town was SO busy today. We could hardly find parking and the shops were packed. Mummy was muttering something about doing the shopping online.

I had a huge lunch today. I ate a whole sandwich with marmite, a slice of cheese and 3 raisins. I also had a foot of a gingerbread man, it was mmmmm good!

After lunch Daddy and I had an afternoon nap, while Mummy went to the grocery store. Then we went to the park for a swing. I had fun on the swing but an even better time on the slide! I loved it and when Daddy took too long to let me down I threw myself down it. We will get some pictures taken next weekend and you can see me sliding down the slide.

As if that wasn't enough fun, I went in the paddling pool too! The park has a toddler outdoor pool and it was warm enough for me to go for a paddle! Daddy helped me walk all the way across the pool and I tried to crawl across it but stopped when I got a mouthful of water. I have got to learn to walk then I can go in all on my own with no help and Daddy can keep his jeans dry.

It was such a lovely afternoon that I hardly ate any supper so I might not have a good night. Which would be awful as tomorrow is the Christmas Party at Daddy's work. We are going to the zoo... Mummy says she may just leave me there :).

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