Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Yesterday wasn't the best of days. Mummy was a bit miffed with me as I didn't sleep well. She also got a little upset as I was very cranky all day. Luckily Marnie and Laila were up for a visit.

I think I may have just had a thing for our house as I cheered up when I saw Laila. However I still don't like it when she squeals - it makes me cry. But she cries when I steal her water so I think we are even.

Marnie made me fishfingers for lunch. YUM!! I loved them so Mummy is going to make some more for me.

When we got home I had a sleep and was much happier afterwards.

I was so happy to see Daddy when he got home and tried to climb up his legs for a cuddle. After a little play, we had supper and it was very nice. I will post a photo of the evidence soon.

Have a great day, I am hoping to get to music. That way I might see Laila and Isabelle again this week.

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