Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mummy and Daddy went out....

... again, without me! I mean, seriously, what did I do this week?? At least they left me at home and I knew where I was but still! Just rude...

Friday started out so well though, we dashed into town to go to the butcher so we could get some steak on special. Then I had a nap and when I woke up Laila and Marnie arrived and we had lunch together. Laila shared her kumara chips with me and I shared my strawberries. I think Laila really wanted my cheese but she is allergic to milk so can't have any. We had lots of fun and Mummy and Marnie had a good chat too.

After my afternoon nap we went to the last coffee group before Christmas. It was good to see everyone and we had fun playing on James' bike. It is very cool and I felt so clever riding on it while Mummy pushed it. James can aslo say the word "car". Isn't he clever?

When we got home Mummy made my supper but wouldn't give it to me. Then there was knock on the door and it was Jenny and Kate. I was so happy to see them until Mummy came back into the room with a new outfit on. I knew something was up...

But my Mummy is nothing if not sneaky, she put me in my highchair and Kate started giving me my supper as mummy waved bye. I waved back, I was too busy eating my cheesy chicken and brocolli pasta to think clearly. But when I heard the back door close I knew exactly what had happened. But I thought I would give her a chance to realise that she had forgotten me. When she didn't come back I started to cry. Jenny took me out of my highchair and let me crawl around. I crawled to the door and knelt up banging on it and shouted, "Mum MUM!" but she didn't come back.

I calmed down in the buggy and even fell asleep. Jenny and Kate are really good babysitters. Mummy and Daddy were late home - see below... And they didn't mind and even got me into bed.

Mummy and Daddy had a nice dinner at the Solnet Grownup Party. But our friend, Sarah, had been in an accident that afternoon so Mummy and Daddy went to see her and Richard at the hospital. They took food from the party so Richard could have something to eat. And just made sure that Sarah's things were safe while she was in Xray etc. Then on the way home the police were breath testing on the highway! So it took an extra 30 minutes to get home.

Sarah went home on Saturday but is quite poorly as she has some broken bones... Not too sure what this means but I know she needs the waffle maker to make her feel better. Daddy is going to take it to her with some jelly and instant pudding and of course the Christmas presents.

Feel better soon Sarah, I will miss you when we have our Sunday Brunch!

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