Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Manic Monday

My teeth really hurt. I have been grizzly all day and I think Mummy is almost ready to post me to France or South Africa, whichever is cheaper.

After lots of Pamol and Bonjela I settled long enough for Mummy to have lunch. But I got grumpier again after my nap so we went to the swings. We met up with Marnie and Laila so it was a good break for both of us.

When we got home I had a bowl of lentil stew, a whole banana and a serving of yoghurt. After supper I had a bath but I wasn't feeling right and ended up throwing up all my supper. Mostly over myself but also over Daddy. After I vomited I felt better but my temperature was up at 38.6 so Mummy kept a close eye on me.

I didn't think she was doing a good enough job so I woke up every few minutes from midnight to 4. Mummy then got me to sleep by looking at the Christmas tree lights. I let her have a lie in until nearly seven.

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