Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 more sleeps to Santa...

Not sure yet what this means but Mummy and Daddy are excited about it.

There are all these pretty boxes under the tree - but I can't reach them as there is a bookshelf in the way. I also have a santa sack... Mummy says I can have a stocking next year. She wants it to be special and is looking to buy a really good one on the sales in January.

Today we stayed home ALL day. But we had a picnic in the garden for morning tea and had visitors. A dollar for anyone who can guess who it was...

This afternoon Mummy and I played lots of games and had lots of giggles. I had a yummy supper of courgette, broccoli, mushrooms, kumara and braised steak. For pudding Mummy made me a banana popsicle. So good.

I didn't really want my bath so I climbed out halfway through it and played with Daddy in the bathroom.

I am now fast asleep in my cot surrounded by toys and books. I think Mummy is hoping that I will entertain myself if I wake up early. I did yesterday, but it depends on my moods really.


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