Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love swings...

This afternoon we went to the swings again and met Laila and Marnie. Laila and I are beginning to think our Mums' want us to become friends. I can't wait for Laila to start crawling. It will be fun to be in the park if someone can help me chase the birds. I tried really hard to get one this afternoon but they kept flying away.

The swings were fun and afterwards we sat on a picnic rug and Laila shared her biscuits with me. I let her have my water. Next time Mummy said she will bring more biscuits for us kids and some coffee for her and Marnie.

After the park we fetched Daddy at the station. We got home and he fed me and then we had a bath and I went to bed.

Fingers crossed it's a good night.

Tomorrow is coffee group... Mummy is making jelly,something was said about messy play... can't wait to see what happens.


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