Sunday, December 14, 2008

Solnet Kids' Party.

Daddy's work had a party for all the children at the zoo today. We got there a little late as there was traffic, not that I noticed as I was catching some much needed cuteness-sleep.

It worked. I got there and made friends with everyone. After eating some sandwiches and a cherry, there was a commotion. A man in red arrived and all the bigger children got really excited. Mummy and I sat close to the edge of the group, in case I got too excited.

This man, I think they called him Santa, started handing out colourful boxes to all the children. They didn't want to play with the paper though, they were after the things inside. Weird. When I heard my name, I had Mummy take me up to get my colourful box.

Someone was saying I should look at the camera, but Santa had on this strange white bush. It kinda moved when he talked but I don't think it was alive. I tried to get closer to it, but Mummy distracted me with my box. It made a noise!

When I opened it there were these musical blocks inside. I am going to have so much fun shaking them and they have chewy bits too! Santa is a genius, I love music and chewing!

And then we went out into the zoo. We saw a pelican, which is nothing like my bath toy! We saw lemurs. They can hang upside down without their Daddy holding them by the feet! I wonder when I will learn to do that...

After the lemurs, we saw the meerkats! They're my Nana's favourite animal! They're small and furry, and play in the sand. I wanted one, but Mummy said no! Maybe Santa can get one for me.

We walked past the cheetahs and one miaowed while we were waving at it! But they didn't really move much. Nor did the chimpanzees. I think it was their afternoon nap time!

It was so hot that Mummy and Daddy stopped for ice-cream, and Mummy let me have a lick of hers! Mmmmmm... chocolate!

It was really busy day and lots of fun!

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