Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Sunday

Today Mummy and I stayed home while Daddy did some errands and took some supplies to Sarah and Richard.

Before he left Mummy baked cookies for us and some as presents for the neighbours. She made her triple choc mint ones. YUMMY! I was only allowed a really little taste but I hope she makes more when I can eat a whole one.

Daddy took the waffle maker, some waffle mix and some other things to Sarah, she has to eat soft food. I offered my food but apparently she wouldn't like it. I'm beginning to wonder what's wrong with it... Daddy won't taste it either.

When Daddy got home we had lunch and I didn't want my food so I had a piece of toast and cheese. After my nap we went out in the drizzle for a walk. When we got to the park, it had stopped raining so Mummy wiped down the slide and I showed Daddy how clever I am. He was impressed.

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