Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Scones

What a great day. I had visitors, Richard and Sarah, came to see me and they brought Richard's Mum and her friend to come see me too! I am quite the charmer and had everyone playing with me. I love meeting new people and if they like playing games with me, it's even better.

I haven't seen Sarah in ages so it was great to show her how well I can crawl and how cheeky I am now that I can get into everything.

We had planned to go to the Santa Parade but as it was hot and a lovely day, it was decided that we would go have afternoon tea somewhere. Mummy had a great idea to go to Stonestead Devonshire Teas and Quilt place in Plateau. It was great. We got there and we all got to choose our scones and then the man makes them from scratch! He doesn't even use a packet mix like Mummy sometimes does... (shh don't tell her I told you)

While we waited for them to bake we went for a walk around the gardens. Daddy, Richard and I went to the creek and saw red dragonflies. After 15 minutes our teas were ready. The grownups had scones and tea, I had marie biscuits and water. I think I might have gotten the worse deal. Daddy let me taste his scone and his blackberry jam. I'm not too sure about scones but jam is good!

After tea we went to the duck pond to see if we could see pukekos. We saw one and lots of ducks and big scary geese. Daddy and Richard walked me home while the others drove home.

I think it was a lovely afternoon and Maureen said she was going to put it in her diary. A diary is like a blog but you actually have to use a pen. A pen is the thing that when you chew on it you get a blue tongue - or so daddy says.

I won't get to see Gladys and Maureen again as they go back to England on Monday. But I will get to see Richard and Sarah before Christmas.

Bon Voyage Gladys and Maureen!


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