Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Music!

I overslept! My little nap was much longer than I thought so we couldn't go to music. I am so disappointed as it was the third last one before the school holidays. So next week I will not nap!

We did have a fun day at home though. Mummy and I played lots of games and I even practise my dancing.

Wednesday night was a bit rough, as I am getting a cold or maybe it's still my teeth. Mum isn't sure so she is just giving me pamol and loads of cuddles. Both make me feel better :)

Today, Thursday, we are supposed to be going with Jade and Matiu for a walk but Mummy isn't too sure if she should take me out today. Especially as I may give Matiu my lurgy, and he is only just over a month old.

Well better go have my morning nap. That way Mummy can have a shower and a think about whether we should go on the walk or not.

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