Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have a cold

We didn't end up going on the walk after all. I was too grumpy so I had a lie down. When I woke up we had to quickly go to the shop to buy a present for Santa to give me at Daddy's work party. We got a lovely wooden car. I wanted to buy all the musical instruments but Mummy said I would have to wait for Santa and Christmas to see what will be under the tree for me.

So today we laid low at home and just enjoyed having quiet time. Mummy made Christmas Muffins but I wasn't allowed any. I had a biscuit instead.

I hope I feel better tomorrow as it is coffee group and I know Mummy wants to see the other mums and I want to see the other children and tell Laila that I still haven't had anymore fishfingers!

Sleep tight

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